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After returning to EPIC.LAN in 2022, and with a keen desire to get back in front of gamers at live events, MSI is set to continue its partnership for the remainder of 2023 covering the EPIC39 and EPIC40 events. MSI has been a staple of EPIC.LAN going back to 2014, and after a short break and world pandemic, community sentiment is at an all-time high for the two organisations continuing to work together.

This partnership will see MSI continue to be at forefront of EPIC.LAN events, giving attendees hands-on experience with some of the best hardware on the market, as well as chances to win prizes, and access to exclusive discounts/offers. MSI will also be a key part of community activities, sponsoring fun tournaments, participating in stage content, and collaborating with other partners as part of EPIC.LAN’s demonstration zones.

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The gaming network is the most critical part of a LAN event, it is literally in the name. That is why EPIC.LAN’s latest partnership with DrayTek makes perfect sense. Where else is better to show off a high-performance network than a LAN party?

The partnership will see DrayTek become the Official Network Partner of EPIC.LAN for 2023/24 with their investment in the latest hardware to connect hundreds of players together at the event, bringing tangible technical quality improvements to everyone participating.

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EPIC.LAN Episode XXXIX: A New Home

Since the unfortunate news of KCC's closure, we've been working really hard to secure a new venue for EPIC39. Finding somewhere to host a multi-day LAN event is really hard, especially with the overnight aspects, techncial requirements and everywhere already been booked up (we normally book our dates over 12 months in advance). 

Thankfully our summer events were always a little smaller, so with that in mind we're pleased to confirm that we have a temporary home for EPIC39 at Wolverhampton Racecourse for around the same capacity we would have had at KCC for this event. What is it about UK LANs and racecourses...

Unfortunately though we were not able to keep the same dates, we have had to go one weekend later to 27 - 30 July

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