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News :: Introducing: epic.FOURTEEN Caster Lineup

Introducing: epic.FOURTEEN Caster Lineup

One thing that epic.LAN has always been proud of is its caster lineups! To kick start epic.FOURTEEN we are pleased to introduce a fantastic team of casters some of whom you will recognise and some new comers to the scene! 

Tom "Gumpster" Gumbleton epic.LAN eSports Manager explained;

"I feel that we have built a rather good casting line up with naturally talented experienced casters a long with some rather unique up & coming casters in their respective scenes.

With the addition of having the usual two casters for some games we have three casters to help aide our casting team throughout the event with breaks and give the audience a natural blend of variety and stability. Hopefully these guys can entertain the audience as much as they have entertained me over the last few weeks"

 Read more to see the full lineup and sneak peek video!


James "BanKs" Banks
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Karam "Kyanite" Kabbara
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Ben "Hoss" Hosford
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & League of Legends

Steven "Rusts" Holmson

Joe "JoeShow" Styrka

Joe "QuestText" Sealey

Joe "Munchables" Fenny
League of Legends

Jackson "Osigalas" Walters
League of Legends

Ben "Lethe" Simpson
Starcraft 2

Jamie "Trigonal" Gilmour
Starcraft 2

Make sure you get yourself ready for all the awesome content that will be heading your way, whether you are at home or joining us live at the event!