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News :: epic24 Fun Tournament Prizes

epic24 Fun Tournament Prizes

As well as our esports lineup (CSGO, Dota2, Rocket League, Starcraft2), we have a great range of fun tournaments ready for you next week at epic24, with some cool prizes from our sponsors. 

You can sign up to all of our fun tournaments in advance and they include:

We'd like to thank the following organisations for their kind support with the epic24 fun tournaments:

Hearthstone - Noctua

  • 1st Place - NH-D15 Noctua Cooler & NA-HC3 Chromax Black Swap Heat Sink Cover
  • 2nd Place - NH-U12S Noctua Cooler & NA-HC2 Chromax White Heat Sink Cover & NA-SEC1 Chromax White Extension
  • 3rd Place - NH-L9i Noctua Cooler & Mounting Kit

Arms - Cooler Master

  • 1st Place - Coolermaster MasterSet MS120 Keyboard & Mouse

Streetfighter - Cooler Master

  • 1st Place - MasterBox MB500 Case

Mario Kart - Cooler Master

  • 1st Place - MasterSet MS120 Keyboard & Mouse

PUBG - be quiet!

  • 1st Place - 4x Dark Base 700 Case
  • 2nd Place - Straight Power 11 PSU
  • 3rd Place - Dark Rock Pro 4 Fan


In addition, winners of the fun tournament and a selected winner from one daily PUBG big game will take away tickets to the ESL PUBG Invitational taking place at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, 29 June - 1 July to watch twenty of Europe's best teams compete live on stage.