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As we celebrate five years of support from ASTRO Gaming here at epic.LAN, we’re excited to announce that both ASTRO and Logitech G will be back to support epic27 in force this June for both casual and esports participants.

Firstly, the Rocket League tournament prize pool has been boosted thanks to LogitechG with participants now able to win up to £2500 plus Logitech G prizes for 1st & 2nd Place.

Then the casual gamers will have the chance to win amazing ASTRO and Logitech G gear in a range of fun tournaments.

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epic25 Fun Tournaments

In some sort of shock organisation for epic25, here are the fun tournaments we have planned for the event and we've decided to mix things up a little with some of the games as well as introducing our new VR machine which will be available for people to play on throughout the weekend. 

The big game timetable will follow in the next few weeks, but for now, you can get yourselves signed up to the fun tournaments!

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epic24 Fun Tournament Prizes

As well as our esports lineup (CSGO, Dota2, Rocket League, Starcraft2), we have a great range of fun tournaments ready for you next week at epic24, with some cool prizes from our sponsors. 

You can sign up to all of our fun tournaments in advance and they include:

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epic.EIGHTEEN - Social Timetable

It's the final countdown to LAN, with just under two weeks to go and that means it's time to announce our event timetable, packed with big games and fun tournaments to keep you all busy for the weekend. 

Our fun tournaments for epic.EIGHTEEN include:

  • Rocket League
  • Super Smash Bros Wii U
  • Don't Starve Together (Ongoing)
  • Open TTD (Ongoing)
  • Nidhogg
  • Ark: Survival of the Fittest

Check out the full timetable now and start installing ready for epic.EIGHTEEN!

More fun tournaments supported thanks to be quiet!

be quietSome more great news for our fun tournament participants as be quiet! confirm they'll be supporting our CS:GO Arms Race fun tournament. 

The tournament winners will take away a Dark Rock PRO 3 high end CPU cooler, designed for performance, reliability and a very quiet operation.

ASTRO Supports epic.SEVENTEEN Fun Tournaments

Our regular friends over at ASTRO Gaming will be supporting a number of fun tournaments this weekend with ASTRO A30 Headset + MixAmp™ Pro sets up for grabs. The following tournament winners get to take away the awesome headsets:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Rocket League
  • Super Smash Bros (Wii U)

The opening ceremony competitors are already set, but there's still time to sign up to our Rocket League and Super Smash Bros tournaments taking place this weekend at epic.SEVENTEEN. 

epic.SIXTEEN Casual Timetable

We've been steadily announcing activities over the past few weeks such as our 1v1 Super Smash Bros (Wii U) tournament and of course Rocket League. Now it's time to announce the whole epic.SIXTEEN timetable, packed with activities for you to enjoy throughout the weekend including old favourites such as TF2, UT2k4, HL2DM as well as some new additions like Jackbox Party Games on the big screen in the Gallery area. 

As always, these are just selections of games we've picked out for the event, of course you're free to play whatever you want, whenever you want too! If you want people to join in, you can add items to our intranet timetable at the event or just ask a member of the team to put an announcement out for you. 

epic.FOURTEEN Social Timetable

event timetableIt's what you've all been waiting for....... yes it's the epic.FOURTEEN social timetable! Chock full of Big Games, Fun Tournaments and other social activities such as a Karaoke Evening and Live DJ Night!

Check out the epic.FOURTEEN timetable now to make sure you've got all the games you need to join in with all the fun!

Still need to buy your ticket??? what are you waiting for there aren't many spaces left so hurry along to book your ticket now!

Razer Supports epic.FOURTEEN Fun Tournaments

RazerWhile eSports is growing massively worldwide, our casual community remains extremely important to us here at epic.LAN too and we work really hard to try to keep a good balance for both communities so that no matter how seriously you take your gaming, you all enjoy the event.

So with that in mind, we're pleased to announce that Razer will be exclusively supporting ALL of our epic.FOURTEEN fun tournaments! Our winners will take away Blackwidow keyboards and runners up receiving Goliathus soft mouse mats.

We'll be announcing our fun tournament and casual gaming lineup very shortly, so watch this space to find out more. Don't forget, tickets are going really fast now with less than 100 remaining, so make sure you grab yours before they all go!

InWin Returns for epic.TWELVE

InWinWe're please to confirm that our very good friends at InWin will be back once more to support epic.TWELVE with an awesome range of prizes and giveaways for our fun tournament series at the event.

Make sure you check out their fantastic cases and PSUs over on their website, then grab your epic.TWELVE ticket to have a chance of winning!

Oh and while you're there, give them a like on Facebook where they have regular competitions and giveaways to win cool stuff!

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