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News :: An old friend gives back to the community

An old friend gives back to the community

I think it's fair to say that epic.LAN has become the home of the UK Starcraft 2 community over recent years. Bearing in mind the game was released nearly 10 years ago, epic26 is about to see a full SC2 tournament with 32 players, with a community that is showing some more recent titles how it's done. 

The SC2 players are always friendly and show the event and the epic.LAN staff a world of respect; because we keep supporting the community, they keep coming back, event after event and they're a pleasure to have at our LANs. 

Earlier this week, I was contacted by someone who attended their first epic.LAN as a Starcraft 2 player in 2014, and went on to win the tournament at epic14, take 2nd place at epic15 & epic16 before moving on to play (and win) Overwatch at epic20 and of course Overwatch is where you will find Boombox playing now, but now with OWL team, Philadelphia Fusion. 

Boombox has kindly offered to contribute towards the epic26 Starcraft 2 prize pool and specifically asked for prizes to be paid out to more participants, down to 8th place, which seems like the perfect reward for the Starcraft 2 community's biggest attendance at epic.LAN. 

Isaac didn't actually want any credit for his kind gesture but I felt it was such a nice thing to do, and that it's so heartwarming to see people remembering where they started their esports careers after moving on to bigger things, we really should make a fuss about what he's done for the SC2 players this event, though he probably won't forgive me for posting his epic14 winner picture and may suddenly change his mind! 

I look forward to seeing the SC2 community in force at epic26