News :: Magic: The Gathering Arena comes to epic29

Magic: The Gathering Arena comes to epic29

With a history of over 25 years worth of mana, creatures, planeswalkers and countless matches it took its time... but Magic: The Gathering is at epic.LAN, with our first Magic: The Gathering Arena esports tournament taking place in February 2020!

Magic: The Gathering Arena has been growing in esports popularity with a huge following on Twitch, and we're excited to see how players will show their exceptional strategies and plays at our four day event in February. 

The matches are going to be taking place on Friday and Saturday (with the finals on Saturday afternoon) so you can enjoy the entire BYOC event from Thursday to Sunday taking part in all the activities before settling down to out-summon your opponents!

This is a BYOC event, so grab your ticket now from the epic.LAN website and then sign up on our tournament site.

The minimum prize fund for this tournament (based on 8 players attending) is £250 + tickets/discount to the next epic.LAN event (total value £340). Should the full 32 players enter, the prize fund will be increased to £1000 cash + £90 in event tickets.  As it is a prize tournament. (Please note that in line with the Wizards Community Tournament guidelines, players in cash prize tournaments for Magic must be 16 or older.)