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News :: epic30 Update 2

epic30 Update 2

Since announcing epic30 online, we’ve naturally received loads of questions on how the event will work, so here’s a bit more info, with more to follow over the coming weeks.

How will it work in general?
We’ll be using a combination of Zoom and Discord for hosting the event depending on the size of the activity as well as our tournament platform for esports and fun tournaments. The schedule will make it clear where the activity is taking place. 

Our tournament platform already checks to see if you have a valid ticket for an event before you can sign up.

Zoom details will be emailed out to ticket holders daily and we’ll manually allocate Discord roles to ticket holders over the coming weeks. 

This means that the existing epic30 rooms will be visible to the role-holders only shortly before the event.

Do I need a ticket?
If you are participating, then yes you do!

What does the ticket cover?
Everything that we’re organising as part of the epic30 online event regardless of how many of those activities are chosen.

Why are you charging for a ticket?
Even though there's no physical event, epic.LAN still has loads of fixed costs all year round (rent, utilities, insurance, leases etc.) and while we're not able to run these events we still have those bills to pay. epic30 online is one of the areas we're trying to get support to make sure we're here for everyone once physical events can resume again. 

What if I only want to take part in one part of the event?
It’s no different to the physical events where you’d buy a ticket on entry to either participate or spectate, regardless of how many activities you take part in once you’re inside. It’s going to be complicated to manage if we start breaking tickets down by activity, but we’ve kept the ticket price as low as possible for people.

What about the pub quiz?
As above this time I’m afraid, we’ve put on 3x free pub quizzes over the past few months online, but this time it will be a benefit for those who have bought a ticket to the online event.

What about spectating?
Our esports tournaments and stage shows will be streamed out online as normal (except the pub quiz), you’ll be able to watch these across our usual Twitch channels. Of course we’d encourage as many people as possible to purchase a ticket if you can afford to do so to help support us and keep us going in the future, it’s only £15. Or failing that, all of our Twitch channels are partnered so you are able to subscribe if you wish to support in that way. 

I’m an esports coach/manager, do I need a ticket?
If you’re not actively playing in the tournaments you will be classed as a spectator as above, but if you need to substitute in to any of the matches to cover a player, you will need a participant ticket and be listed on the active roster. No dedicated technical arrangements will be made for coaches other than in the case of CSGO where coaching will be enabled on the game server.

How can I buy an epic.LAN hoodie/mousemat etc?
Our shop is now live at www.epiclanshop.co.uk selling existing merchandise stock.

Will there be anti-cheat requirements for the esports tournaments?
We’re currently assessing which solutions to use, the FPS tournaments will have a mandatory requirement which will be confirmed shortly. In addition, for all CSGO games, matches must be played on epic.LAN servers only.

Can I take part in esports tournaments from outside of the UK?
Tournament players all need to be from within the UK or Europe, players will not be permitted from outside of those areas due to latency issues.

I’m looking to gain experience with gaming and esports events, can I help out?
Sure, our normal volunteering opportunities are available, head over to epiclan.uk/crew for more details.

Will there be prizes?
There will be cash prizes for our 4 esports tournaments (CSGO, R6S, RL and SC2), these prize pools are already displayed on the tournament pages. We’re working hard as usual to try to sort hardware prizes for our fun tournaments, but this is not guaranteed for all tournaments. We will only be able to ship fun tournament prizes within the UK, or you’ll be able to collect from the next event if you’re happy to wait.