News :: EPIC.LAN Episode XXXIX: A New Home

EPIC.LAN Episode XXXIX: A New Home

Since the unfortunate news of KCC's closure, we've been working really hard to secure a new venue for EPIC39. Finding somewhere to host a multi-day LAN event is really hard, especially with the overnight aspects, techncial requirements and everywhere already been booked up (we normally book our dates over 12 months in advance). 

Thankfully our summer events were always a little smaller, so with that in mind we're pleased to confirm that we have a temporary home for EPIC39 at Wolverhampton Racecourse for around the same capacity we would have had at KCC for this event. What is it about UK LANs and racecourses...

Unfortunately though we were not able to keep the same dates, we have had to go one weekend later to 27 - 30 July

We still have some details to iron out with the venue, so we aim to get tickets back on sale next week once we've locked in the final layouts and capacities (with the same prices we had before). We hope that as many of you as possible can still attend, but if you cannot make the new dates, we completely understand, please just get in touch through the website support section and we will get those refunded for you. Unfortunately we are not able to refund any other expenses you may have incurred around the event such as travel and hotels as they are entirely outside of our control, and do remember that its not our fault that the venue is closing down, so please be kind when speaking to our team about the situation, they've all been working hard to get something up and running in a short space of time. 

What we do gain with the temporary move, is loads more local facilities, plenty of places to eat and drink, easier transport options, more hotels and importantly, loads more taxi options to get around the city. There is a hotel on site at this venue, with a limited number of rooms. We're currently discussing rates for that hotel and have blocked out the dates until then, so dont be surprised if you cant book yet! 

We're still working on options for our October and February events longer term that allow us to keep and grow the usual event capacities, we'll update you more once we've got that locked in. 

C U @ LAN!