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FIFA 14 Winter Championship at epic.TWELVE

Fifa 14 ChampionshipESL UK and their partners over at Sweetpatch.TV have just announced the FIFA 14 Winter Championship, featuring heaps of hardware courtesy of Madcatz. The competition is to be hosted by us at epic.TWELVE and will run from Friday 14th - Sunday 16th February.

The Sweetpatch.TV crew will be at epic.LAN in full force, fielding a weekend of awesome FIFA 14 action which will be held in it's own dedicated themed room and streamed live to their native Twitch channel. For those who want to attend you have two options, the £30 one day experience which is valid for the tournaments on Saturday or Sunday, or for those that just can't get enough and for just a mere £10 more, the £40 full access ticket, which allows you to attend all the Sweetpatch.TV action throughout the weekend as well as seeing the rest of what epic.LAN has to offer.


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