News :: Tabletop 6 & LUX.LITE

Tabletop 6 & LUX.LITE

In 2024 we're still going to have these events, but with a little twist that gives you an extra LUX event to attend but also makes sure we can keep putting on our growing tabletop events.

So What Is It?

For our first small event of the year, TT6 & LUX will combine, while giving a dedicated space for both events. We'll be splitting the regular room down the middle to give a mini LUX LAN with around 60 BYOC spaces, then next door we'll have our normal tabletop event happening.

The tabletop events don't currently use the second half of the room so they won't be affected by using this space for LAN, and should we get to the point where we need the space back, the hotel has loads more rooms we can use next to the gaming hall. 

If you have a ticket to the BYOC LAN, you'll also get access to the tabletop activities included in your ticket, but you can still just buy a standalone tabletop ticket and enjoy that event without the LAN if that's more your thing.

LUX3 in August remains exactly as it was before, 100% pure LAN. Tickets for that one will go on sale in April. 

Both events will still be run in exactly the same way as before, giving you the best of both worlds! 


We have a number of ticket options available for this event:
  • Tabletop - Full Event - £40
  • Tabletop - Saturday - £20
  • Tabletop - Fri or Sun - £15
  • BYOC LAN - Full Event - £53
Tickets go on sale January 3rd 18:00.
Note that due to the normal LUX popularity, we expect the LAN tickets to go pretty quickly, so set your reminders. 

Hotel Rooms

Our accommodation partners have worked really hard to make sure price changes are kept to a minimum, the rooms have had to increase slightly by £5 per night, but it's the first increase we've had in our 3 years in Warwick so hopefully everyone agrees it's a fair price still! 

  • Single Occupancy - £55/night
  • Double Occupancy - £60/night
Includes bed and breakfast.

Hotel bookings open from January 4th 09:00