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News :: epic.THREE Bar & Catering Details

epic.THREE Bar & Catering Details

BarIt's clearly time to announce some of the more important details about epic.THREE (25th-28th February), the bar times & prices and breakfast times!

For epic.THREE we will be using a large bar in the main hall with a huge space set aside for socialising, drinking, eating, playing card/board games and consoles. The bar will be open at the following times:

  • Thursday - 5pm - 12.30am
  • Friday - 1pm - 12.30am
  • Saturday - 1pm - 12.30am

In addition, we'll also have breakfast being served every morning from 9am - 11am in the main hall, so you can get your morning nom without even having to leave the venue!

Bar Prices

Here are some sample bar items and prices, it is not an exhaustive list, but just to give you an idea. 


Fosters - £2.90
John Smiths - £2.90
Strongbow - £3.10
Guinness - £3.10


Smirnoff Ice/WKD/Jacques/Beers - £2.50
Bulmers - £3.00


Whiskey/Vodka/Brandy/Gin/Rum/Bacardi/Jack Daniels/Southern Comfort - £2.20
Malibu/Archers/Pimms/Port - £2.20


Red/Dry White VDP Alexis Lichine 18.75cl Bottle - £2.80