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epic.TEN - Big Games & Fun Tournaments

epic.TEN TimetableIt's that time where we start looking at all the games to put in our big games timetable and to select 2-3 to run as fun tournaments throughout the weekend. We aim to put on 4-5 big games per day and announce that timetable in advance so people can make sure they have the games installed and updated ready to play.

So we're looking for your ideas for games that support at least 16+ players, preferably with LAN modes rather than online play where everyone can just pile in the server for a few hours of fun fragging.

With smaller RTS type games, these still get played, but we don't timetable them in as they are for smaller numbers of players and there's plenty of time in between the other big games (that's why we only put on 4-5 games per day to give you plenty of time to do your own thing too). Similarly, the non-PC games such as cards, werewolves, board games, we don't put those on the timetable as they're all things organised by the participants rather than us.