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News :: More Logitech & ASTRO Gaming Prizes at epic26!

More Logitech & ASTRO Gaming Prizes at epic26!

Casual gamers at epic26, don’t think that we forgot about you with all the recent announcements! The Logitech & ASTRO Gaming family have got you covered too as they’ll be supporting even more activities at epic26, including:

  • Fun PUBG Squads Tournament
  • Breakfast & Chill Stage Shows
  • Pub Quiz

And thanks to Logitech & ASTRO support on the pub quiz, that also means that all your entry fees will be donated to Special Effect!

All three areas will also have the chance to win swag and prizes from Logitech and ASTRO Gaming too, so make sure you’re taking part in our casual programme at epic26 to win.

PUBG Fun Tournament Prizes

Just over two weeks to go, less than 80 tickets remaining, it’s definitely time to grab your seat at the first big LAN party of 2019 at www.epiclan.co.uk/epic26.