MSI has a history of working with EPIC.LAN going back to 2014 and now the partnership has been re-ignited with MSI joining as a sponsor to EPIC.LAN’s events for the next twelve months, starting with EPIC36 in July. 


After two years of gaming events being disrupted through the pandemic, MSI is keen to get back in front of gamers once again, and the community atmosphere at EPIC.LAN will provide a great platform for MSI’s UK return to events, giving participants the chance to get hands-on with the latest MSI hardware as well as exclusive event offers and chances to win upgrades and prizes through competitions at the event. 

At the larger EPIC.LAN events in February and October, esports finalists will also be using MSI’s latest Oculux 360Hz monitors on the finals stage as well at other EPIC.LAN supported B2B events. 

Jon Winkle, EPIC.LAN Managing Director, said “We last saw Lucky and the MSI team at EPIC22 back in 2017, and our community built up a huge loyalty to MSI during that time. When the MSI team visited our February 2022 event and told us they wanted to get back to UK gaming events we couldn’t have been more excited to welcome them back to show off their latest products and to get involved in the fun side of the EPIC.LAN community at our events.

Ed Tsai, EU Channel Manager at MSI, added, "We're excited to bring MSI back to UK events and what better place to start than at EPIC.LAN. We can't wait to get involved with the amazing community EPIC.LAN has built, showing off some awesome tech and taking part in the events over the next year!"

The next EPIC.LAN event takes place 7-10 July, Kettering UK with limited tickets still available at www.epiclan.co.uk





EPIC.LAN is one of the leading community gaming and esports organisations in the UK, delivering LAN events since 2003. Outside of its in-house events, EPIC.LAN also acts as a specialist technical support agency to a range of brands and production partners. 

Read more about EPIC.LAN consumer events at www.epiclan.co.uk and business services at www.epiclanservices.co.uk.  


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