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epic.FIFTEEN - Call of Duty Postponed

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

With epic.FIFTEEN around 6 weeks away, we've had to take a decision to postpone our launch into the Call of Duty scene until a future event. 

Despite lots of interest from players asking us to host Call of Duty and teams promising to attend at the point of announcing, we haven't seen that translate into actual bookings for the event. As we were looking to invest in all of the kit ourselves, so we can run a high quality tournament without relying on third parties, we felt that we could not take that huge personal financial risk without some definite team committments. 

We will continue to monitor the Call of Duty scene and decide whether to reintroduce the tournament to our October event, subject to seeing sufficient definite interest. 

CoD4 epic.TEN Preview

As with our previous events there is not just one first person shooter tournament to keep your eyes on, as we also have our Call of Duty 4 event being played throughout the course of the weekend. At the time of writing the Call of Duty tournament had a total of 13 teams signed up, with 9 of them having completed line-ups. This makes the tournament the most subscribed competition here at epic.TEN which means it's going to be packed full of potential and nail biting match ups.

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Modern Warfare 2 - The Reaction

MW2A game that should have been so highly anticipated, seems to have been released with a world of badly thought out ideas initially thought to have the impact of alienating the PC gaming community.

Now the game is out and people are starting to take an actual look at the gameplay are some people being won around at least from a casual gaming point of view?

The single player campaign is fun, though of course filled with some controversial scenes. Co-op looks OK, but right now the game does appear to be unplayable in a competitive scene.

So what do the people who have already bought it think? Take a look at the epic community's reaction to what should have been one of the  games to look forward to in 2009.