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Counter Strike Source :: Final

The final between Rasta Gaming and Fragmasters Toxic will take place at 11am, keep your eye on the right hand side for full match details. All the demo's for the elmination stage will be online after the final.

Will this match be a repeat of the upper semi final?



epic.EIGHT CSS Group Demos

With the 10 starting teams now reduced to a nice 8 for the the double elim the results can be found here if you are at epic.EIGHT and here if you are outside

The double elimination fixtures start tomorrow at 11am, sourceTV ip's will be available 5mins before the scheduled start time.


Just look to the right for all the fixtures or click here

Counter Strike Source Groups

The group stage for the epic.EIGHT Counter Strike Source tournament are now live

Source TV will be available for all the matches, just click on the details button and it will display all the details. (This will appear just before the start time as servers may change).

epic.SEVEN CSS Result

cssfinalDispite TEAMCRG winning the first map on Season 16-8 not surprising after some members of Link didn't even have the map.
The final map was Nuke with Link winning 16-3

If you want to catchup on the action at epic.SEVEN the demos are available here

See you at epic.EIGHT for the £2500 Counter-Strike: Source Tournament

5v5 Tournament CSS

CSS newsThe 5v5 CSS Tournament is now under way with a round-robin group stage for seedings to go into the double elimination stage tomorrow. Match details and source TV information can be found by clicking on the match link on the live feed.

Demos can be found here! or if you are at epic.SEVEN the event ftp here

epic.SIX CSS Tournament

Congratulations to Rasta.Xd who won the Tt eSPORTS epic.SIX Counter-Strike: Source Tournament.

  • 1st - Rasta.Xd | £1050 + epic.SEVEN Tickets
  • 2nd - LiNK Gaming | £450 + epic.SEVEN Discount
  • 3rd - TP.OVH | Hardware by Tt eSPORTS
  • 4th - TLR
  • 5th/6th - VSOD
  • 5th/6th - GLG
  • 7th/8th - xplicit
  • 7th/8th - Team Dignitas

Demos are already available at ftp://demos.epiclan.co.uk/pub/demos/epic.SIX/CSS/

Thank you to everyone for taking part, and we hope to see you all at epic.SEVEN in October.

epic.SIX CSS Source TV Demos

WCSS Tournamentith the first two rounds of the group stage completed we have the sourcetv demos up for you get

If you are at epic.SIX get them from


If you're not then here