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So What Is It?

We've all missed events so much, we've decided to launch a new one! Introducing the EPIC.LAN Tabletop Edition. 

This event is something we've wanted to try for some time, but the whole global pandemic thing slowed us down. But after we found a new venue for our July event, one thing led to another and we've decided to launch our pilot tabletop event at our Coventry outpost this August. 

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epic30 Update

Following on from the recent announcement from the Prime Minister and further clarity from the UK Government on Monday meaning that hospitality venues cannot open until July 4 at the earliest, we’ve taken the difficult and perhaps expected decision to cancel the next physical event and change epic30 into an online format.

BUT, we feel that at these times, it’s important to make sure something still happens over the epic30 weekend (2-5 July) to bring people together through gaming rather than simply cancelling it, so we’re going to be pulling out all the stops to put on as much of an epic.LAN experience as we can with loads of the things you’d normally expect at our events.

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Friday 17th Streaming Schedule

Dota 2

Dota 2It's the first day of our tournaments and our Dota 2 stream schedule is as follows:

  • 11:00 Dae 4 Lyf v Two Mangoes Please
  • 12:15 Dowderz Dream Stack v King dave has a subaru
  • 13:45 Soup's Jabronis v Rasta A Owl
  • 15:00 Under ctrl v Choke Gaming
  • 16:30 Choke Gaming v Rasta A Owl

You can catch all our Dota 2 action on our Twitch Stream throughout the day with our casters Steven "rusts" Holmson and Joe "QuesTextDota" Sealey you can Tweet them @Rustsandstuffs and @QuesTextDota

League of Legends

LOLOur LOL Streaming schedule is as follows and will be available to watch on our Twitch Stream.

  • Round 1: GiM White vs FM eSports @ 11
  • Round 2: FM eSports vs Wawa Diamond Yet? @ 12:30
  • Round 3: FM eSports vs Team Infused @ 14:00
  • Round 4: GiM White vs Wawa Diamond yet? @ 15:30
  • Round 5: Wawa Diamond Yet? vs Team Infused @ 17:00

Our games will be cast by Joe "Munchables" Fenny - @MunchablesLoL and Jackson "Osigalas" Walters - @Osigalas

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epic.FIFTEEN Casters and Tournament Admins

CoverageCounter Strike: Global Offensive


Ben brings a wealth of experience to our casting lineup here at epic.FIFTEEN as he has previously casted for us at epic.FOURTEEN and has continued his work with activities in the ESL UK Premiership, as well as being on the analysis desk for the UK Premiership Finals back at MCM in May. Meanwhile Mark has been a long time member of the casting community as he famously did work at some iSeries CS: Source events and has also been with us too. Jack will be joining the lineup after he has finished competing in the group stages with his team 27in1 and is one of our fresh faces to the casting lineup as he has done work with FACEIT and online for 27in1 in Counter Strike before.



Steven is probably one of the most complete casters we have ever had grace our events, his knowledge of DotA2 is practically unrivaled and his casting is incredibly in line with top level casters. He had casted for us at epic.FOURTEEN and we welcome him back to our lineup here for our Summer LAN. Joe is one of the few newcomers to our LAN events and is relatively new on the casting stage, so once again after a successful stint at epic.FOURTEEN we welcome him back too. Over the course of the weekend there will be multiple players joining the stream to also help cast some of our quality DotA2 games.

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epic.LAN Goes Central!

epic.LAN is very proud to announce our latest addition to our streaming lineup for our next event epic.FIFTEEN.

With various feedback over the last few events we've made the decision to introduce a new concept and stream to our already existing lists of streams that run during the event.

The stream will be known as the 'Central Stream' and will act as a central hub for as many activities that we can cram in during the event and we're not just talking eSports here!

With plans to make the stream relevant to our dedicated eSports fans but also appeal to our fantastic social community. Read on to see what we have in store for the central stream at epic.FIFTEEN


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2015: Extra Date Added

2015 EventsAfter many requests over the past few years, we've decided that the gap between July and February is far too long, so in 2015 we'll be hosting three main epic.LAN events. Make sure you add these to your diary and get those all-important holiday requests in nice and early:

  • epic.FOURTEEN: Thurs 19th - Sunday 22nd February
  • elite15: Friday 22nd - Monday 25th May
  • epic.FIFTEEN: Thurs 16th - Sunday 19th July
  • epic.SIXTEEN: Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th October
  • elite16: Friday 4th - Sunday 6th December

Tournament Winners

It was a long day of finals here at epic.TWELVE, though I think it would be fair to say that everyone had a good time including the admins and casters. So on to the winners:

League of LegendsLeague of Legends Sponsored by Astro.

Winners: FM RaiderZ

Runners Up: Team Infused





Winners: Team CRG

Runners Up: The Lovely Men


ESL Dota 2 Challenge

Winners: Dwayne 'The John' Rockson

Runners Up: So LeJit


Starcraft IIStarcraft II

Winners: Ourk (FM)

Runners Up: Rotcod (TLR)


Join The epic.Team!

We're really excited about epic.LAN in 2014, after our great first year of LAN Parties at the Kettering Conference Centre, we can't wait until February to get back and put on some great gaming events for you.

But it takes quite a bit of man (and woman) power to put on the events across our various teams and with some of our plans for 2014, then we need to keep growing the event team to keep making the events even more...epic (sorry).

Everybody on the team, right up to the management, is a volunteer, we all do it because we enjoy it and get a buzz at the end of the whole thing when we see hundreds of you enjoying the LAN. It is very hard work with long hours, but it's extremely rewarding, otherwise we simply wouldn't do it!

So we're looking for some willing helpers in the following areas:

  •     Tournament Team - As our tournaments grow, then the admin team needs to as well and this includes our casters. We are still currently looking for casters for our LOL tournament, so if you have casting experience and play LOL then get in touch!

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2014 epic.LAN Dates

2014 DatesWith epic.TWELVE already announced for 14-17th February 2014, we can now confirm the full calendar for 2014:

  • epic.TWELVE - Friday 14 - Monday 17th February 2014
  • epic.THIRTEEN - Thursday 17 - Sunday 20th July 2014
  • epic.lite 12 - Friday 23rd - Monday 26th May 2014
  • epic.lite 13 - Friday 26th - Sunday 28th September 2014
  • epic.lite 14 - Friday 5th - Sunday 7th December 2014

We'll keep an eye on the numbers for epic.TWELVE and may consider a 3rd main epic.LAN event around October if the numbers head in the right direction. If we do so, the September epic.lite date will be converted to a social trip of some sorts.


epic.TWELVE Confirmed Bookings open.

Winbar parted with a large amount of money recently to confirm that next years bookings are now in the diary. We are pleased to announce that epic.Twelve in February is now open for bookings and takes place Friday 14th - Monday 17th February 2014 here at Kettering Conference Centre.

Confirmed for the Tournament side are Starcraft 2, League of Legends and CS:GO. We'll also have the usual mix of Big Games, Fun Tournaments, DJ Slots and Pub quiz with lots of fun and shenanigans all thrown in for good measure.

Early bird discount ends September 30th @ 8pm so get your bookings in nice and early to save yourself a tenner. Lets make epic.TWELVE the biggest epic.LAN yet!

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