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News :: epic.SIXTEEN Casual Timetable

epic.SIXTEEN Casual Timetable

We've been steadily announcing activities over the past few weeks such as our 1v1 Super Smash Bros (Wii U) tournament and of course Rocket League. Now it's time to announce the whole epic.SIXTEEN timetable, packed with activities for you to enjoy throughout the weekend including old favourites such as TF2, UT2k4, HL2DM as well as some new additions like Jackbox Party Games on the big screen in the Gallery area. 

As always, these are just selections of games we've picked out for the event, of course you're free to play whatever you want, whenever you want too! If you want people to join in, you can add items to our intranet timetable at the event or just ask a member of the team to put an announcement out for you.