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EGX DOTA2 Challenge - Results

EGX was a fantastic weekend, with many games of DOTA played. We also played host to the finals of the EGX DOTA2 Challenge as Sponsored by SCAN computers. After a shaky start to the day losing their first game to Perilous Gaming It was interesting to see ForLove.Int re-coup and bring themselves back from the lower brackets to take on Team Xenex in the grand finals! 

Read on to see the results!

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Meet your caster team for epic.SIXTEEN

epic.LAN is always proud of the casting teams it offers for it's events and this event is no exception. We have got an exciting range of fresh faces and seasoned talent on the cards for epic.SIXTEEN - So check it out!

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epic.SIXTEEN Casual Timetable

We've been steadily announcing activities over the past few weeks such as our 1v1 Super Smash Bros (Wii U) tournament and of course Rocket League. Now it's time to announce the whole epic.SIXTEEN timetable, packed with activities for you to enjoy throughout the weekend including old favourites such as TF2, UT2k4, HL2DM as well as some new additions like Jackbox Party Games on the big screen in the Gallery area. 

As always, these are just selections of games we've picked out for the event, of course you're free to play whatever you want, whenever you want too! If you want people to join in, you can add items to our intranet timetable at the event or just ask a member of the team to put an announcement out for you. 

be quiet! Sponsors TF2 Fun Tournament at epic.SIXTEEN

Excited to announce a new epic.LAN supporter, this time it's be quiet! who will be sending over some great prizes for participants in our TF2 fun tournament. 

No need to sign up in advance, just look out on the event intranet and listen out for announcements on the Friday of epic.SIXTEEN to join in. The top 3 players by score will be taking home a selection of prizes. 

In the mean time, if you're looking for a new case, cooler or PSU make sure you go ahead and check out www.bequiet.com or www.facebook.com/bequietenglish



GT Omega Racing Sponsors Dota2 at epic.SIXTEEN

Our friends at GT Omega Racing have confirmed today that they will be supporting the epic.SIXTEEN Dota2 tournament this October. 

Thanks to their kind support, the Dota2 tournament now has a minimum guaranteed prize pool of £1k, with all other prize triggers increased, up to a possible maximum of £4k. 

You'll also be able to check out the GT Omega Racing chairs on our Dota2 stream where our casters will be showing off the awesome chairs throughout the event. 

So if you're looking for a new gaming chair, make sure you go and check out what they have to offer and give them a follow @GTOmegaRacing on Twitter.

1v1 Super Smash Bros

It may be a surprise to many of you, but there's a thriving Super Smash Bros community over here in the UK. The fighting game, featuring many of your favourite Nintendo characters is also played at quite a competitive level in eSports tournaments around the world. 

We've decided to introduce Smash (Wii U) into our epic.SIXTEEN fun tournament series, like Rocket League, to assess the demand for a slightly more competitive tournament in the future if it is popular at the events. We'll also be running the tournament after the group stages for our eSports tournaments have concluded to give people more things to do outside of their matches. 


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epic16 Costume Contest

One of the things we keep getting asked about is re-introducing our costume contest as part of the social side of the events. The last one was way back at epic.SEVEN in Uttoxeter, so we felt it was about time to bring it back! 

So on the Friday evening of epic.SIXTEEN, just before the pub quiz, we'll be encouraging as many of you as possible to put together your best costume efforts to really get into the spirit of the LAN.

The very vague theme is general 'geek' culture, so can be anything from movies, TV and of course gaming. 

Let's see what creations you can come up with for epic.SIXTEEN in just over 4 weeks! 

Rocket League at epic.SIXTEEN

It's acrobatic, rocket-powered cars playing football, what more could you want from a game? 

Rocket League will be joining our epic.SIXTEEN lineup with the winning team taking home free tickets to our following event in February. 

The game is growing in popularity, so we'll be seeing how it goes in October and then considering it for our eSports lineup in February 2016. The 3v3 tournament (using the PC version) will take place after the main eSports groups have finished to give more people the chance to take part.