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News :: epic.Tuesday - MUST PUSH CART!!!

epic.Tuesday - MUST PUSH CART!!!

epic.Tuesday is on the horizon and this week we will be having some fun on some Payload maps... We have a nice selection of normal Payload and Payload Race maps to have a go at.... :)

  • pl_swiftwater
  • plr_pipeline
  • pl_orangebomb
  • plr_panic_a8
  • pl_Hoodoo

If you have any suggestions for any other awesome Payload or Payload Race maps then feel free to tell us and we will look at getting them on the server for tomorrow. :)

See you all at 20:00 hours for some back stabbing, head shoting, flame throwing, baseball batting, uber charging, rocket jumping, sentry gunning, sticky bombing CART PUSHING!!!....

Dunce out...