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Follow the action at epic.FOURTEEN

Event Seam GroupWant to know what is going on at epic.FOURTEEN and a way to see what all your chums are playing?! Well now you can!

We have an Event Steam Group which has reminders for all the big games throughout the weekend so you'll never miss a beat! Not only that but we have a nifty little tool that allows you to link your Steam account to your epic.LAN account. This means that when you join a game it will be displayed on our big screen and intranet. You will be able to see what everyone is playing and what the popular LAN games are.


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New to epic.FOUR - The epic.TweetWall

epic.TweetWallOne of the latest developments to our events was the Big Screen. This web-based application allows us to update event information on our projectors and other devices around the building quickly as well as allowing for the display of dynamic information such as game server live queries.

After listening to feedback from previous events, participants have been looking for ways to communicate their messages to others such as free slots in a game (what happened to old fashioned LAN shouting?). So we've added a new feature to the Big Screen app which allows people to post messages to slides via Twitter using a set hashtag for each event. The application will then monitor those hashtags and display the messages (with some filtering options to limit abuse).

Anybody can view the messages using either the Big Screens, or because the system is web based, you can open your own local copy of the screen on your PC, laptop, phone, netbook etc. You will need a registered Twitter account to post messages to the screen, and avid Twitter users can of course use tools such as TweetDeck to monitor the hashtags locally too.

epic.THREE - Communications Improvements

Following on from epic.TWO, we made the commitment to improve the scheduling and communications at the events. After a number of staff discussions, and some inspiration from other events, we've decided to look at the big screen as a better communications method, as well as clearing up the sound from the speaker system.

Our current big screen used simple PowerPoint to display messages. While it did the job for static announcements, it made it difficult to include any dynamic content and was also a bit clunky to update.

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