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be quiet! Sponsors TF2 Fun Tournament at epic.SIXTEEN

Excited to announce a new epic.LAN supporter, this time it's be quiet! who will be sending over some great prizes for participants in our TF2 fun tournament. 

No need to sign up in advance, just look out on the event intranet and listen out for announcements on the Friday of epic.SIXTEEN to join in. The top 3 players by score will be taking home a selection of prizes. 

In the mean time, if you're looking for a new case, cooler or PSU make sure you go ahead and check out www.bequiet.com or www.facebook.com/bequietenglish



TF2 Dodgeball Fun Tournament

Following on from the fun we've had at previous events and on numerous epic.Thursdays, TF2 Dodgeball will be getting an official slot on our timetable. But not only that, it will be one of our fun tournaments in Hall 1.

For those who don't know, playing is very simple, as you may not even have to move to let your team succeed. Both teams will spawn on their respective sides of a symmetrical arena, where they may or may not be able to reach the enemy teams side, which depends on the map. A specific spawn point, usually high up and is in the split center of the arena, spawns Critical rockets that home on one random player, which must be airblasted to the other team or the crocket will explode on contact with the pyro who failed to airblast it, forcing him to spectate until a new game starts, as dodgeball functions like arena mode.

The format is extremelly simple; tried and tested. It's 3 vs 3 in a knock out competition with the 2 final teams battling it out on Sunday for overal victory! Don't be the one to hear "You've failed! BOOOOO!".

So get practicing firing your lady cotton at moving rocket targets!

If you've still not signed up for epic.SIX and want to take one of the remaining spaces, head over to the booking page and signup!