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epic.lite 6 Bookings - Open 6th February

elite6With epic.EIGHT getting so hectic, we almost forgot!

Bookings for epic.lite 6 will open at 8pm on Monday 6th February!

Our smaller "elite" events are always extremely popular with tickets often selling out in under 24 hours, so make sure you're ready on the website if you want to secure your place!

It is taking place on a bank holiday weekend, hence the slightly higher price than normal elite events. BBQ is confirmed for Saturday and Sunday nights and of course the usual breakfast meat helpings will be available.

Alton Towers 2011

alton towers airThe epic.LAN Team invite you to join us for our 2011 trip to Alton Towers from Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th of September.

Join us on the Friday for some drinks and socialising followed by a trip to Alton Towers on the Saturday. We'll be having a BBQ after the trip on Saturday and on Sunday you can either take a trip to Waterworld or watch the F1 Singapore Grand Prix.

For more information and to book visit the Alton Towers 2011 page!

epic.FOUR Timetable Announced

epic4 TimetableThe first draft of the epic.FOUR timetable is now available.

Our event timetable lists key event activities such as catering times as well as our more organised big games and tournaments. The timetable will also be available on our intranet and big screen systems throughout the LAN and will be updated with any changes during the event.

Although we do timetable some games, it doesn't mean that you can't play games not listed in the timetable, in fact there is loads of spare time in between the big games for you to organise your own smaller games and social activities. 

There are just under two weeks left now before epic.FOUR, so if you haven't yet grabbed a seat, make sure you book now to avoid missing out on our great scorching summer LAN!

The Om Nom WTF BBQ at epic.FOUR

BBQIt wouldn't be a July LAN Party without a good helping of hot meat, and you know we don't like to disappoint!

Therefore, we're pleased to announce that we will be holding one of our almost famous BBQs at epic.FOUR on the Friday evening at around 7.

As usual, we will be ordering massive quantities of meat (and meat-themed substitutes) for your delectation and serving it up until you can't eat any more.

All we need you to do is go to your epic.FOUR Booking and add the BBQ Service. If you want to pay for that service now, that's great, if not then please do still add the service so we know how much meat to buy. If we start to run out at the event, then priority will go to those who have pre-booked!

If you haven't booked at all for epic.FOUR, then get on with it and remember to add the BBQ when you book!

epic.lite 1 - With Added Meat

lite1 BBQIt seems you just can't resist our epic meat, so we've decided to add a second BBQ to epic.lite 1.

Our next event, epic.lite 1 (which sold out ages ago!) will now have two helpings of our hot meat, on Saturday and Sunday evenings during the LAN.

So if you want to nom on both servings, then please make sure you have at least added the extra service to your booking, it's fine to pay at the event if you'd prefer but we at least need the provisional booking to make sure we get enough food!

If you missed out on lite1, then we have a limited number of weekend spectator passes available, or alternatively, you can join us at our next LAN Party, epic.FOUR in July.