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epic.FOURTEEN Social Timetable

event timetableIt's what you've all been waiting for....... yes it's the epic.FOURTEEN social timetable! Chock full of Big Games, Fun Tournaments and other social activities such as a Karaoke Evening and Live DJ Night!

Check out the epic.FOURTEEN timetable now to make sure you've got all the games you need to join in with all the fun!

Still need to buy your ticket??? what are you waiting for there aren't many spaces left so hurry along to book your ticket now!

epic.TWELVE Timetable

Event TimetableAfter listening to your suggestions for our timetable we have put together this social game timetable for epic.TWELVE. It sees the return of LAN classics and some new items for you to have a go at.

Don't forget to get all the games you want to play installed and updated before you get to the event. ;)

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epic.TEN - Timetable

epic.TEN TimetableHere's what you've all been waiting for, it's the epic.TEN timetable!

As well as things like opening times (bar and catering following shortly), the timetable also shows a range of big games and fun tournaments taking place throughout the event. As always, we've taken on board your feedback and added in some different games as well as keeping in the old favourites.

You'll notice that smaller games like RTS titles and the non-computer stuff like boardgames, werewolves etc. don't feature on the timetable. That's because we only schedule in the things that we're responsible for running and then that leaves you with plenty of time to do your own thing during the event. Of course you don't have to play everything in the timetable, it's just a guide to when we'll be putting up some big games for as many people as possible to enjoy.

So here is the epic.TEN timetable!

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epic.NINE - Timetable

epic.NINE TimetableYou've read all about our fun and competitive tournaments so far, and just to make sure there's plenty to keep you busy throughout the epic.NINE LAN Party, here's our full timetable!

Obviously some things will always be subject to change, but it gives you an idea of some of the big games and activities we'll be running through the event.

Just because a game isn't listed, doesn't mean it won't be played either! These are just the big games we organise to get as many people as possible in each server, you can play whatever you want, whenever you want during the event, and if you want to get more players, you can either post on the forums, send a message to our big screen through the "Tweetwall" or ask a member of the epic.LAN team to put an announcement out for you.

Mere days, see you at epic.NINE!

epic.EIGHT Timetable

epic.EIGHT Fun TimetableAfter reading through everybody's suggestions and keeping some of the usual old-favourites in, it's time to reveal the epic.EIGHT timetable!

Sadly we can't fit everybody's suggestions in, and we leave things like smaller RTS games and social games like Werewolves, 'Cards' etc. down to you all to play whenever you want a break from the normal timetable, but of course we will do shoutouts if you want to get people into those games, and you can also use IRC/Forums/Tweetwall to help. 

Make sure you grab the games (if you want to play them!) before the event, and get them all updated in advance.

epic.EIGHT - Fun Games Timetable

epic.EIGHT TimetableYes, it's that time in the run up to one of our LAN events where we start to look at our timetable of big games and fun tournaments!

epic.EIGHT is happening next month and it's looking like one of our biggest events yet, with spaces almost gone in Hall 1 already!

As usual we'll have plenty of activities, and here's where you tell us what sort of games you'd like to see. As before we'll have a few fun tournaments over a couple of game genres and a packed timetable of big games throughout the day and night, as well as the usual activities like our Pub Quiz.

So head on over to the forums and let us know what you'd like to see, we'll then get the timetable up so you can make sure you have all of the games included.

epic.SEVEN timetable

Our epic.SEVEN schedule is now complete and available to view on our timetable page. We have loads going on to keep you busy for the event, from big games to fun tournaments, live DJ sets, social activities and more...

Still haven't secured your seat for epic.SEVEN? What are you waiting for? Head over to the signup page now!

See you there!

epic.SIX - Timetable

epic6 timetableThe epic.SIX timetable is now available!

Throughout the weekend, we have loads taking place from big games, to fun tournaments, with live DJ sets, random flash challenges with KustomPCs, the chance to hunt down a Bigfoot Gaming NIC somewhere in the venue and some retro console action on Goldeneye 64.

All you have to do, is make sure you have an epic.SIX ticket to take part!

Hope to see you there!

The epic.FIVE Timetable

epic5timetableWe've been reviewing games for the past few events as well as looking at your comments on the forums and we've now made our epic.FIVE timetable available for you.

We have increased the number of things going on, added some recent hits but kept in the old favourites that people still enjoy.

You'll find the Steam or download links for most of the games in the timetable to allow you to download them before the event if you wish to take part.

We would ask that you try to get any downloads and patches sorted before the event in order to conserve bandwidth.

epic.FOUR Timetable Announced

epic4 TimetableThe first draft of the epic.FOUR timetable is now available.

Our event timetable lists key event activities such as catering times as well as our more organised big games and tournaments. The timetable will also be available on our intranet and big screen systems throughout the LAN and will be updated with any changes during the event.

Although we do timetable some games, it doesn't mean that you can't play games not listed in the timetable, in fact there is loads of spare time in between the big games for you to organise your own smaller games and social activities. 

There are just under two weeks left now before epic.FOUR, so if you haven't yet grabbed a seat, make sure you book now to avoid missing out on our great scorching summer LAN!