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Element Gaming Sponsors CSGO Tournament

We'll be accellerating the CSGO prize fund up to the full £3,000 thanks to the kind support of our new friends at Element Gaming, meaning the new prize breakdown is: 

  • 1st Place - £1725 + Free Tickets to epic.EIGHTEEN
  • 2nd Place - £875 + 5x £20 off epic.EIGHTEEN
  • 3rd Place - £300 + 5x £10 off epic.EIGHTEEN
  • 4th Place - £100

In addition, we'll be giving away a Beryllium Keyboard, Gaming Surface, Xenon 700 Headset and Iridium Mouse to a range of winners from this weekend's fun tournaments. 

Thanks to Element Gaming for their kind support, and make sure you go check them out on Facebook and Twitter

epic.SEVENTEEN - CS:GO Casting Line-up

Fresh off the back of the Element Gaming sponsorship announcement, next up we're excited to announce our epic.SEVENTEEN CS:GO casting lineup.

All of our eSports titles will be covered during the weekend as well as general activities and banter on our Central Stream. The team that will be bringing you all of your CS:GO coverage needs is a fantastic mixup of fresh talent side-by-side with some of the veterans of UK CS:GO. 

You will be able to view the CS:GO stream over at twitch.tv/epiclan1 throughout the weekend with matches kicking off Friday morning. 

Don't forget you can view all of our various Twitch streams during epic.SEVENTEEN by checking out our team page!

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SpecialEffect at epic.SEVENTEEN

We are really excited to announce that our friends over at Special Effect will be joining us at epic.SEVENTEEN next week, these guys do amazing work and epic.LAN is pleased to give them the opportunity to show off some of their projects.

Check out their website to read up more on the work they do!

SpecialEffect is a charity that brings fun and inclusion to the lives of disabled people by modifying and creating hardware and software to help them play video games using whatever physical abilities they have.

SpecialEffect will be at epic.LAN on Friday 19th February to showcase a couple of examples of the technology they use to help disabled gamers compete on a level playing field.

SpecialEffect’s Baz Floyd told us ‘We’re absolutely delighted to have been invited to epic.LAN. We will be bringing eye-controlled Dirt3 so visitors to our stand can do a lap in a rally car using just their eyes to accelerate, brake and steer. We’ll also be bringing chin-controlled Mario Kart.

epic.LAN is all about competing in the video game arena. We think those attending the event will really understand what we’re all about. We’re really looking forward to meeting you all.’ 





New Catering Menu

We've been working very closely with the venue to improve the catering range based on feedback from the past few events and we're pleased to confirm a brand new menu for epic.SEVENTEEN

There's a number of improvements directly based on your feedback and if the new menu is well supported, the KCC team will continue to add more for future events. 

Some of the key points include:

  • Tea or coffee now included with breakfasts
  • Tea or coffee price reduced and now using instant rather than the flasks
  • Light lunch menu, keeping the full meal options fresh for the evening
  • Minimum of different main meal options plus vegetarian option every evening for variety
  • Bar snacks now available from 9pm until bar closing time

There were a number of suggestions put forward that wont be easy to implement at this time, it is difficult to cater for so many people at different times throughout the day for event catering, but we're really pleased to see the general feedback taken on board and will be looking forward to tucking in to the new menu ourselves! 

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1v1 Super Smash Bros (Wii U) Fun Tournament

After a successful introduction at our last event, the Super Smash Bros (Wii U) fun tournament returns to epic.SEVENTEEN. 

We'll be running the tournament on the big screen in the Gallery from the Saturday of the event, and it's open to anyone to take part. Even if you've been binned from the eSports group stages, you'll be free to have a go too so you can reclaim a small piece of your pride!

Only 32 places available, so go and sign yourself up now!

Rocket League at epic.SEVENTEEN

The keen people out there will have already spotted, but let's make it official. The 3v3 fun Rocket League tournament returns at epic.SEVENTEEN!

The tournament will be scheduled where possible to commence after the main eSport tournament groups have concluded to allow people to take part if they get binned from the group stages. The winning team will take away free tickets for our next event, epic.EIGHTEEN in June. 

If you want to take part, then get your team signed up now on our tournament site. 


Rock Band 4 at epic.SEVENTEEN

It's time to ROCK! 

That's right, we'll have a full Rock Band 4 setup in the Gallery area at epic.SEVENTEEN for everyone to enjoy throughout the weekend, this area will be separate to the normal console area so you can rock non-stop. It's even got the cymbal expansion for the drum kit, so you can go full on animal style. 

More news coming soon for more social games taking place at our next sellout event in just 4 weeks! 

Stream Team Launch

After 2 weeks of trial shows and heavy preparation, the epic Stream Team launches officially from 7pm on Monday 18th January

We'll be bringing you regular gaming content over on our main Twitch channel, twitch.tv/epiclan including tutorials, let's play sessions, community games, esports news, competitions, talk shows and general banter from the familiar faces of the epic.TEAM. 

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Join the 2016 epic.Team

As we prepare to launch head first in to a new year of events, we're looking out for keen people to join the team for the coming year. 

Our events would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our volunteer teams who give up their time to put on our epic.LAN events. Not only do we have our own events to put on, but we're getting involved more and more with other industry events, giving people some amazing opportunities in the gaming and eSports industry.

It's hard work, but as the current team will tell you, it's extremely rewarding! 


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epic.SEVENTEEN - Waiting List

As you probabaly all know by now, epic.SEVENTEEN has sold out. We wont be adding in any more rooms or squeezing more people in to the space we have at this stage. You may see spare seats on the seating plan, but these have all been paid for just not selected yet by the ticket holder. 

We will therefore have a waiting list for any cancellation tickets that may arise. 

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