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Overclockers UK Update - More Stuff!

Overclockers UKThe Overclockers UK team have dropped off the goodies at for epic.NINE with even more stuff for you guys here at the event. So the full prize lineup for the Counter-Strike Source Tournament is:

1st Place


5x NZXT Switch 810 Cases (on display in Hall 2)
5x CS:GO T-Shirts
5x Borderlands 2 PC Game

2nd Place


5x Dirt Showdown Game
5x 16GB USB Pen

3rd Place

5x Nexuiz Game

OverclockersUK Sponsor CSS Tournament

Overclockers UKA very familiar face in the hardware market has joined the epic.NINE sponsorship lineup. Staffordshire-based Overclockers UK have just confirmed that they will be sponsoring the epic.NINE Counter-Strike Source Tournament!

So in addition to the cash prizes for the tournament, the winning team will take home 5x NZXT Switch 810 Gun Metal Cases, worth a total of £800 added to their winnings! They'll also have a few "LAN bags" to give away throughout the weekend for various other activities.

In addition, epic.NINE participants can get free shipping from Overclockers UK for 2 weeks beginning 19/7/12, simply use the code 'epic9' at the checkout!

Thanks to the Overclockers UK team!

epic.NINE - CSS Trigger Reached

epic9 CSSIt's taken a little while longer for the teams to emerge, but the team signups for the epic.NINE Counter-Strike: Source Tournament (sponsored by Overclockers UK) have now hit the 2nd prize trigger, guaranteeing a £1000 prize for the event.

With over 250 people now confirmed for epic.NINE, it's looking to be a great event for the competitive and casual communities.

Make sure you grab your seat now!

Tournament Signups Open

Tournament SignupsIt's time to create your teams for epic.NINE ready to play in our main tournaments.

Head over to our tournament site to create your team or to join an existing team, and remember all teams must be fully signed up by 8pm Thursday 19th July if you wish to take part in our tournaments.

As usual, you will only be able to play in either the CSS or the COD4 tournament due to scheduling restraints.

Calling all clans - Let battle commence!

Gameshadow BattlesGameShadow, Fasthosts & epic.LAN have joined forces to launch GameShadow Battles, a new tournament based online gaming experience, and is going to premier the partnership with a fantastic opportunity for gamers to win a combined prize fund of £10,000.

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epic.SIX CSS Maplist and Rules Announced

epic6cssCSS players, it's time to get practising as the map list and rules for the epic.SIX £2000 Counter-Strike: Source Tournament are now available!

Following on from the successful epic.FIVE event, where we saw Rasta.Xd take the win over BBoMM, we're going to pretty much keep to a similar format, with a slight change to the map list adding in de_season to the pool, giving the following maps available to be picked by our tournament system:

  • de_contra
  • de_dust2
  • de_inferno
  • de_nuke
  • de_season
  • de_train
  • de_tuscan

The remainder of the rules can be found at on our CSS Tournament Pages and teams can also now sign up to the tournament itself.

epic.FIVE Tournament Finals

And so it's come to this. After some great matches and a few surprises in the elimination stages of both tournaments, we now reach the finals.

The £1,000 Team Fortress 2 final featuring Infused.Tt eSports and Monster Munch is taking place now. You can follow the live stream over at TF2TV.

The £1,000 Counter-Strike: Source final is scheduled for 12:30 GMT and features the two top seeded teams, Bindips Band of Merry Men and Rasta.Xd battling it out for the prize pot and the glory of winning.

You can follow the match on Source TV, details will be published on the match page when it's available, there will also be live coverage from our coverage partners:

Stay tuned for more tournament details from epic.LAN, including the winner of our UT2004 Knockout Tournament.

epic.FIVE Counter-Strike: Source Tournament Confirmed

Counter-Strike: SourceMost of you had probably heard whispers anyway after a lot of interest on Cadred, however we can now confirm that we will be adding a £1000 Counter-Strike: Source Tournament to the Hall 2 event activities at epic.FIVE.

The team members are no strangers to running CSS tournaments, with experience in running a number of previous competitive events, and we look forward to giving the CSS community a professionally operated gaming tournament.

Tournament signups are now open for both the CSS and TF2 tournaments. As soon as you have confirmed your place for epic.FIVE you can either create a team, join a team or sign up as a merc. Note that you can only participate in one of the main tournaments, though there will be plenty of other activities taking place throughout the weekend for you to enjoy.

If you haven't already, then go and grab your place now for epic.FIVE, and make the most of all the money from your Christmas cards!