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epic.FIVE Survey Results

Survey ResultsThank you to everybody who completed the epic.FIVE survey. We have now compiled the results and made them available to download.

We now use this information to help us work on our improvements for epic.SIX along with your comments within the survey and on the forums.

Feedback Survey Released

First off apologies for not getting the feedback survey up before the end of the epic.FIVE, the entire staff team were too busy (and last night I feel asleep whilst the laptop booted)!

As many of you know, we put up a feedback survey which allows us to collate feedback and analyse in an objective fashion. This is especially useful when we want to quantify comments to the various third parties used during the event.

You can access the survey here, but remember it will only be available to those who attended epic.FIVE.

Please feel free to continue to add comments to the feedback thread on the forums, but if we are to use the comments in our de-briefings they need to be captured on the survey.

epic.FIVE Tournament Finals

And so it's come to this. After some great matches and a few surprises in the elimination stages of both tournaments, we now reach the finals.

The £1,000 Team Fortress 2 final featuring Infused.Tt eSports and Monster Munch is taking place now. You can follow the live stream over at TF2TV.

The £1,000 Counter-Strike: Source final is scheduled for 12:30 GMT and features the two top seeded teams, Bindips Band of Merry Men and Rasta.Xd battling it out for the prize pot and the glory of winning.

You can follow the match on Source TV, details will be published on the match page when it's available, there will also be live coverage from our coverage partners:

Stay tuned for more tournament details from epic.LAN, including the winner of our UT2004 Knockout Tournament.

Never Forget Your Towel

SomeDon't forget your towel of you will soon be packing up for epic.FIVE (the staff have already started!) and as many of our past participants will testify, it's a pain when you turn up to an event and you've either forgotten a major part of your PC setup, like your mouse, or even left all of your clothes behind!

So, being kind, helpful types here at epic.LAN, we've put together some advice and a checklist of things you need, to make sure you don't forget anything for the event and also on how to Survive the LAN Party when you have arrived for those new to LAN gaming events.

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The epic.FIVE Timetable

epic5timetableWe've been reviewing games for the past few events as well as looking at your comments on the forums and we've now made our epic.FIVE timetable available for you.

We have increased the number of things going on, added some recent hits but kept in the old favourites that people still enjoy.

You'll find the Steam or download links for most of the games in the timetable to allow you to download them before the event if you wish to take part.

We would ask that you try to get any downloads and patches sorted before the event in order to conserve bandwidth.

Grab the latest copy of Custom PC at epic.FIVE

Custom PCCustom PC, the UK's essential read for PC hardware, games and for PC modding enthusiasts, will be sending us 100 copies of their latest magazine for you to enjoy at your leisure at epic.FIVE!

The magazines will be placed all over the event, in both Halls 1 and 2, allowing you all to catch up on the latest news and reviews in between your gaming.

About Custom PC

Custom PC is the magazine for people who are passionate about PC technology and hardware.Whether you've been building and customising PCs for years or you've just started performance-tuning ready-made systems, all the information you need is now in one place.

Custom PC isn't just another PC mag - it's the ONLY magazine with enough space to devote whole pages to single product reviews. And we're not talking boring printers and hum-drum peripherals, but the best performing components - whatever your budget.

epic.FIVE Snoozing

CampingIt's a LAN, you aren't supposed to sleep, but if you must then we have a number of sleeping options available.

  • Camping - Our recommended option. If you want a quiet night away from any noise then we have masses of free camping space available for you in the centre-course area.
  • Indoor Sleeping Rooms - We have two indoor sleeping rooms available for this event, and one has been designated as 'non-snoring'. Please do bear in mind that these are communal sleeping areas and therefore there will be some noise of people coming and going in the night. Indoor sleeping room space is limited, there is no guarantee of enough space indoors for every participant. Please help by only using a single airbed.
  • Off-Site Hotels and B&Bs - Spend your weekend in luxury in one of the town's large number of accomodation options, some of which have been listed on our Sleeping Page
  • Gaming Halls - We don't mind you getting some sleep in the spare space in the gaming halls, however this needs to be in a position where you do not block the rows or any emergency exists. We will ask people to move if you are causing a fire hazard, so make sure you find a corner out of the way. 

You can view the location of these various sleeping spaces on our handy Google Map (note that you will need to use a browser capable of showing Google Maps layers).

Missed out on a seat at epic.FIVE?

If you wanted to attend epic.FIVE, but missed out, you're in luck! Due to a small number of cancellations, we can offer a few seats to any eager gamers wanting to be a part of our biggest event yet.

To grab one of our cancellation places simply contact us by email, or in Quakenet IRC #epic.LAN. Unfortunately it is very unlikely at this stage that we can make any seating rearrangements for any cancellation spaces as most clans/groups are now sat together, unless anybody is willing to move around for you, so it's pretty much a pick of the seats available on the seating plan as it stands now.

Note that if there is a big rush for these spaces, then priority will go to those on the waiting list, i.e. people who had signed up to the event but had not paid when the event sold out.

epic.FIVE UT2k4 Deathmatch Tournament

This tournament went down a treat at epic.FOUR so it will be returning for epic.FIVE

The tournament format is quite simple. We fill a server with people who want to play on a first-come-first-served basis and kick off a deathmatch map with a time limit of 5mins and a frag limit of 100. As soon as either of those limits are reached we kick-ban the bottom few players and move onto the next map until we're left with an epic final and a load of sore wrists!

It will be a solo tournament, so you don't need to worry about finding teams, just sign up at the event to take part! You do not have to be sat in a specific area to participate in this fun tournament.

Lets see if Vardy can hold onto his title!


epic.FIVE Catering Details

epic.FIVE Food At our last event, we tried out a new catering service which was met with lots of approval from the participants, in fact people wanted more of them!

So we've been back to the guys from the catering company last time and asked them back again, but this time instead of just being open for breakfast, they're going to be open for main meals throughout the day so you don't even have to leave the site for your nom nom fix.

They'll even be open when you arrive on the Thursday so you can refuel after your long journey! And there will also be a Curry Night on the Friday from 7pm - 10pm.

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