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epic.ELEVEN SC2 Tournament Announced

SC2OK, we gave in to the pressure and have decided to put on a small SC2 tournament for epic.ELEVEN to introduce the community to our events and hopefully grow in the future.

Sadly we haven't seen the signup numbers that we would expect from some of our other games, and following a load of interest from SC2 players, we've decided to give them the space instead as we host our first tournament in association with GameSocial.

We've made some space for the SC2 community on our seating plan, tournament signups are now open, so once you've booked your place, you can join in the tournament!

Tournament places are initially limited to 32 players with prize triggers from £250-£1000. Depending on initial interest, we may be able to raise this limit.

We look forward to seeing the community at epic.ELEVEN this July!

epic.ELEVEN Big Games & Fun Tournaments

epic.ELEVEN TimetableWith epic.ELEVEN fast-approaching (a mere 9 weeks away), it's time to start putting together our timetable of big games and fun tournaments.

As usual, we will be compiling a programme of activities away from the prize-winning tournaments for people to take part in, you don't have to play in them, but it gives people a chance to enjoy some big games with as many of the other participants as possible, so go ahead and give your suggestions on our forums.

For our fun tournaments, we're probably going to run something on Minecraft again, as well as an FPS, Console and Racing game. And don't forget the epic.HUNT also returns this time for those looking for a more cryptic challenge.

Note that we don't schedule in smaller games, there's plenty of time for you to organise your own, so we're looking at about 16 players upwards for the big games,  we also don't schedule in the non-computer gaming stuff like board games, Werewolves etc. but there are tools like the TweetWall, forums, internal IRC all available to help you organise your own activities too.


A series of epic.ELEVEN tubes

epic.ELEVEN TubesAfter the fun and games with internet connections at epic.TEN, we promised to keep you updated with things for epic.ELEVEN as things are confirmed, but we wanted to wait until things were physically in place before we made any promises. 

As a reminder at epic.TEN we had:

  • 5 ADSL connections giving us 35mbps down and 5mbps up but over multiple lines. Of these, 1 was reserved for Dota2 and 1 was reserved for priority use for server updates, IRC, DNS and database connections.
  • 54mbps from the satellite connection, which was completely down for around 7 hours of the event, and intermittent for the rest meaning we had to entirely fall back on the 35 mbps from the ADSL during those times.

So far, there are now 3x FTTC lines already installed and running at the venue which gives us approx 195mbps down and 60mbps up. So that's already significantly more than we had available at epic.TEN, especially when the satellite connection was down. They are also over fewer connections, so this will allow things like higher quality streams to be delivered as they require a high upstream over a single connection - at epic.TEN we could only use the satellite connection for streaming video, now we can provide multiple streams on a single connection.


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epic.ELEVEN League of Legends

League of LegendsAfter lots of begging from the community, we're really excited to add League of Legends to the epic.ELEVEN tournament series!

With the internet connection well on the way to being sorted for epic.ELEVEN, we can add the popular MOBA title to our lineup giving us a great range of tournaments for the event alongside CS:GO, COD4 and Dota 2 as well as all of the usual casual gaming activities throughout the weekend of 25-28th July.


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epic.ELEVEN Tournament Signups

epic.ELEVEN Tournament SignupsThe team signups for our main epic.ELEVEN tournaments are now open.

Once you've booked your event tickets, head over to our tournament site, log in with your normal details and then either create a new team, or join an existing team using the password from your team leader. 

All teams need to be signed up and confirmed by 8pm on Thursday 25th July, but the sooner people get teams sorted, the sooner schedules can be released!

epic.ELEVEN Tournaments Confirmed

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After the great response to epic.TEN in February, we've decided to stick with the same tournament lineup for our next event, epic.ELEVEN in July, with cash-prize winning tournaments in:

With over 100 people booked already, our summer LAN is shaping up to be pretty awesome! Make sure you grab your tickets now!

epic.HUNT Returns!

epic.HUNT ReturnsAfter a decent rest, we're excited to announce that the epic.HUNT will return for epic.ELEVEN as part of our increasing programme of casual gaming activities.

We've also handed over the reins to some new evil geniuses to run the hunt, puzzle hunt regulars and epic.LAN participants, CantFitMyN. We've already been taking a look at some of their question ideas and we know you're going to be impressed.

For those who haven't taken part in one of these before, it's a cryptic game that takes place throughout the physical event and online world where a series of questions and tasks leads you through to the end of the challenge. It is meant to be a mentally tough challenge that will require a wide range of skills, it isn't meant to be a quiz! It will be created to run over 2 days of the event, but we'll be working with the CantFitMyN team to get a good balance between challenging, while giving you plenty of time to take part in everything else going on at the event too.

More details will follow closer to the time, but for now, if you want to take part, make sure you have your epic.ELEVEN tickets and save £10 if you book before 31st March.

Join the team for epic.ELEVEN

Do You Even Lift?Following on from our expansion into our new venue and having run our first event at Kettering Conference Centre now, we've realised that to keep bringing you some awesome LAN weekends, we're going to need a bigger team!

Staffing a LAN is very hard work, there's no avoiding the fact that it's a tiring weekend, but seeing all of the hard work pay off, and everybody enjoying themselves is extremely rewarding. Everyone at epic.LAN is a volunteer, right up to the management team, so we're all staffing the events because we enjoy it.


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