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GT Omega to Exhibit at epic22

Our friends over at GT Omega will be joing us at epic22 to show off their line of gaming chairs.

They will be setting up their stand in the gallery so why not pop over and say hi over the weekend and try out some of their chairs.

They may even have some goodies to give away!

You can check out their range of chairs at: http://www.gtomegaracing.com/


be quiet! support Overwatch Fun Tournament at epic22

Great news for our fun tournament participants as be quiet! a long term supporter of epic.LAN confirms they'll be supporting our Overwatch 1v1 fun tournament. 

The tournament winner will take away a Dark Base Pro 900 - Orange Case

2nd place will take away a Power Zone 650W PSU

3rd place will take away a Shadow Rock TF 2 Cooler

You can sign up to the Overwatch fun tournaments here.

A huge thank you to be quiet! for their continued support!

epic22 - SOLD OUT

Great news, our final main event of 2017 has sold out!. Don't be mad if you missed out, it's not our fault! The capacity is final, we're unable to add in any additional seats. 

Now that's happened, a waiting list will be set up for any tickets and cancellations. Read on for more details about how to join the waiting list...


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A series of unfortunate points

Most of you will know that we operate a loyalty points scheme here at epic.LAN. We award points for referring friends and other activities at the event, and at the end of each event, we award points for attending. This process is normally started on the Sunday of the event ready for people to use their points which have been converted into discount codes at the next event. 

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epic21 ASTRO Pub Quiz Results

ASTRO Gaming came to the rescue with our pub quiz for epic21 allowing us to secure a minimum prize pool for everyone taking part, so with that we decided that all entry money would be donated to Special Effect. £101 will be on its way over shortly to help them continue their great work. 


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epic21 Overwatch Saturday Schedule

It's time for some justice to rain from above as TwoRounds and Dezachu escort you to the Overwatch finals later today here at epic21. 

We'll be streaming the following matches on twitch.tv/epiclan5:

  • 1:30pm - CTiK vs TPO
  • 3pm - Upper Final
  • 4.30pm - Lower Final
  • 6pm - Grand Final

epic21 SC2 Saturday Schedule

It's Zerg rush time (is that still even a thing?)

Join Krosis as he takes you through the road to the epic21 Starcraft 2 finals on twitch.tv/epiclan3

  • 12:00 - afelay vs Fish followed by Finnzi vs Revolution
  • 1pm - LB Round 1
  • 2pm - UB Semi Finals
  • 3pm - UB Final
  • 4pm - LB Semi Final
  • 5pm - LB Final 1
  • 8pm - LB Final 2

epic21 CSGO Saturday Schedule

We've had some nail-biting action so far in our epic 21 CSGO tournament and today's elimination stages will be no exception! You can tune in to the matches over on twitch.tv/epiclan1 and we plan to stream the following games today:

  • 11am - Team CeX vs Indoor Campers
  • 12.30pm - LB Quarter Final
  • 2:30pm - UB Semi Final
  • 5pm - UB Final
  • 8pm - LB Final #1

Stay tuned and support your favourite UK CSGO teams as they race towards Sunday's grand final!


epic21 Hearthstone Stream Schedule

And here's your schedule for today's epic21 Hearthstone Tournament:

  • 12oon - Killersheep vs Quickscoperz
  • 1pm - UB Semi Final 2
  • 2pm - LB Semi Final 1
  • 3pm - LB Final 1
  • 4pm - LB Final 2
  • 5pm - Grand Final

You can find our Hearthstone Stream on twitch.tv/epiclan4

Saturday Dota2 Stream Schedule

It's time for our BlinkPredict Dota2 esports tournament to continue here at epic21 and here's the schedule of games for you to find over on twitch.tv/epiclan2:

  • 11am - Zakstabbed vs Perilous Raze
  • 1.30pm - LB Quarter Final
  • 4pm - UB Final
  • 6.30pm - LB Final
  • 9pm - LB Final 2

You can also find out more about our tournament sponsors BlinkPredict by giving them a follow on Twitter.

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