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epic.LAN powered by Intel in 2021

One of the UK’s best-known community gaming and esports events, epic.LAN, is teaming up with processor giant, Intel, for 2021 in a partnership which will specifically focus on community gaming and amateur esports.

Despite the lack of physical events over the past few months, epic.LAN has continued to deliver successful online alternatives, culminating in winning the UK Esports Award for Tournament of the Year in 2020 and seeing a 97% increase in viewership on the previous year.

The Intel partnership will benefit both casual and competitive gamers at epic.LAN as both organisations seek to emphasise the positive social benefits of gaming during what is a difficult period for many people.

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One of the world's most popular and innovative peripherals brands, Logitech G has teamed up with UK gaming and esports event organisers epic.LAN to become their official peripherals partners for 2021. 

Logitech G has a history of supporting epic.LAN’s community going back to 2014, getting involved in the event’s fun tournaments, casual gaming programme and esports tournaments over the years. 

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epic32 Esports Seeding Panels

Seeding is always going to be one of those areas of tournament operations where there are hundreds of opinions and it's certainly one that we've had our fair share of clashes with over our many years of running events. 

With community level events and high turnover of rosters, from an event organiser perspective it's really hard to get this right, and even when we do, we're never going to please everyone! 

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2020 was an unusual year for events, however epic.LAN made the successful temporary transition to epic.WAN and continued to work closely with UK retailers Overclockers UK for the online alternatives throughout the year. After that success, the partnership has been extended for 2021, regardless of whether the events are online or offline.

The partnership also brings the return of luxury gaming chair brand noblechairs as the official chair partner for epic.LAN.

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epic31 - Rainbow Six Siege Results Update

In light of recent confirmation that Team 86 fielded an underage player during their epic31 games we have removed their win from our records and the 2nd and 3rd place teams are now listed as 1st and 2nd places respectively. 

While we recognise that we need to do a better job for our future checks (which would have been better at a physical event), it does not change the fact that the team broke the rules of our last tournament. Our rules on underage players for the Rainbow Six Siege tournament are made very clear at all stages so we have every reason to believe this action was intentional. 

As tournament prizes were paid out immediately after the event, our ability to recall the prize money at this stage is limited, all we can do is appeal to Team 86 to do the right thing and contact us to return their prize money which we will then redistribute to the new winners correctly. We will await contact from the team to decide on any future penalties to be applied to the team and/or other individuals in Team 86 for our events. 

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Golf With Your Friends Tournament

Get ready to whack balls with People You Tolerate in our lockdown2 Golf With Your Friends Tournament. 

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Logitech G Headline VALORANT at epic31

One of the world’s best-known gaming gear manufacturers, Logitech G have teamed up with epic.LAN to sponsor its first VALORANT tournament this October by kicking off with a minimum £2000 prize!

The tournament, which has been converted to an online event due to the COVID-19 situation, takes place from 8-11 October and involves everything you'd expect from an epic.LAN event, but from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Logitech G will see the epic31 cash prize pool boosted across all tiers for VALORANT with prizes increasing further with the number of teams entering.

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epic31 Decision

We've been trying really hard to find a way that we could at least try to have a small pilot COVID-Secure event this October, and it was all looking positive until there was clarification that participants would need to wear masks at all times when inside, except for at designated eating and drinking areas. 

Yes, that would probably mean that you couldn't have food or drink at your desks, and that just meant that not enough people would have been willing to attend the event in those circumstances to make it viable. 

Combine that with how close epic31 is to the "planned" easing of restrictions on events and how often we've observed the rules change and that sadly means that we don't believe any sort of physical LAN event is possible for the coming months until there are significant changes in the rules set out by the UK Government. 

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Big Games for epic31

The epic.LAN event team have got together and thought 'how can we make epic31 even more epic' - and that's by getting you lot to help us do some work.  We've got a long list of games, and we're going to whittle them down later this month.

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epic30 Update 2

Since announcing epic30 online, we’ve naturally received loads of questions on how the event will work, so here’s a bit more info, with more to follow over the coming weeks.

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