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In 2021, EPIC.LAN continued to put on a range of events for online, offline and somewhere in between as the safe and careful journey back to the LAN hall continued. October 2021 saw EPIC34 return to its offline roots in an event that was as close to normal as possible in the current times and Overclockers UK was right there at the heart of it supporting the event and community.

Following on from the successful partnership that has been running since 2020, EPIC.LAN is pleased to announce that Overclockers UK will be back again for 2022 as a headline partner along with luxury gaming chair brand, noblechairs, as official chair partner for the events.

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Happy Christmas from EPIC.LAN

I recently wrote about how things had been going for the business side of EPIC.LAN and explained how we've started the painful process of rebuilding after almost losing everything in 2020 due to all of our private work disappearing in 48h at the start of the pandemic. 

Obviously finances keep a business going on paper and believe it or not our LAN events are not run to make a profit, most LANs only just break even (EPIC34 did not even do that with all the extra COVID-related costs) so that external work is really important to cover our community LAN event costs. But it's really the people and community that keep us motivated to do what we do as EPIC.LAN and that's why I wanted to finish 2021 with the most important thank you... 

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EPIC34 - Sold Out

We saw a record breaking number of tickets in the last 48h, clearly everyone wants LAN back! 

But that does mean EPIC34 is now sold out. And when we say sold out, we really do mean that, not that we're going to suddenly find a few hundred more tickets that we've been hiding away. 

As tempting as it is to open up more rooms and squeeze more rows in, we have to remember that COVID is still a thing, we have to keep a safe venue capacity, plus there is already limited car parking space at the venue due to the COVID testing site occupying a section of the car park, so the limit we've announced is really the limit. 

The only way to get a ticket now is through our waiting list, if people choose to cancel their tickets. 

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EPIC34 Seating Plan

We've been waiting for some final capacity and layout confirmations and now we are in a position to open the EPIC34 seating plan. 

We are opening this much closer to the event than we would normally so please read on to find out exactly how things will work. 

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EPIC34 1st August Update

After such a long time without large LAN events, we all know the first one back will be a little different. But throughout the pandemic we've been keeping a close eye on the guidance keeping in touch with Kettering Conference Centre throughout ready for our first event back. 

Officially the centre is closed until 2022 (apart from the gym and sports facilities) so the venue is opening specially for us for EPIC34 in October. That does mean that as the centre is operating on minimal staffing there will be a number of temporary changes for this event, combined with extra COVID-safety measures. 

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It's Coming Home (No-not that)

Is there ever a right time to return to events? 

Who really knows, but we have to start planning positively because of the lead in time to prepare an event like EPIC.LAN, so with that in mind we're excited to launch ticket sales for EPIC34 this October, back in our Kettering Conference Centre home. 

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So What Is It?

We've all missed events so much, we've decided to launch a new one! Introducing the EPIC.LAN Tabletop Edition. 

This event is something we've wanted to try for some time, but the whole global pandemic thing slowed us down. But after we found a new venue for our July event, one thing led to another and we've decided to launch our pilot tabletop event at our Coventry outpost this August. 

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EPIC33 - COVID Guidelines at 17 May

Even though restrictions are carefully lifting there are still likely to be various rules and guidelines in place for EPIC33. These will form part of the event Terms and Conditions and we have to impose anything required by the UK Government at the time of the event to make sure it is allowed to go ahead safely. 

Naturally we would ask for everyone's cooperation and understanding as we all work hard as an industry to get events back. 

Of course we hope that by the time we get to EPIC33 we have moved on to the next stage of restrictions lifting but have to plan for each scenario. 

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EPIC33 - Hybrid Event Announced

As we recently announced, unfortunately our usual venue is not available for EPIC33 this July. That left us with a dilemma for the event, which was already challenging with the global pandemic and the roadmap in England. 

Technically, events should be OK from 21st June, but the situation is constantly evolving and we're watching Government and industry guidelines really carefully. So we've come up with a plan that will allow us to host EPIC33 in a safe way for a small number of people who want to try attending events again while retaining the online event format that has been popular for us over the past 12 months. 

So here's our plans for a "hybrid" EPIC33...

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New Logo, Who Dis?

Not many brands these days go for 12 years without a refresh, but it felt like after the enforced break we've had over the past 12 months and excitement of bringing everyone back together later this year, it was time for us. 

So welcome to the new EPIC.LAN brand that we'll be rolling out fully over the coming weeks, once we manage to track down everywhere we had the old one!

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