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Introducing: epic.FOURTEEN Caster Lineup

One thing that epic.LAN has always been proud of is its caster lineups! To kick start epic.FOURTEEN we are pleased to introduce a fantastic team of casters some of whom you will recognise and some new comers to the scene! 

Tom "Gumpster" Gumbleton epic.LAN eSports Manager explained;

"I feel that we have built a rather good casting line up with naturally talented experienced casters a long with some rather unique up & coming casters in their respective scenes.

With the addition of having the usual two casters for some games we have three casters to help aide our casting team throughout the event with breaks and give the audience a natural blend of variety and stability. Hopefully these guys can entertain the audience as much as they have entertained me over the last few weeks"

 Read more to see the full lineup and sneak peek video!


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Looking for somewhere to sleep for epic.FOURTEEN?

DormitoriesLooking for somewhere to sleep at epic.FOURTEEN in a real bed and don't want the hassle of getting a taxi every night? Don't forget we have around 60 on-site dormitory beds available to book alongside your ticket for just £70 for the weekend.

Dormitories need to be booked by Friday 13th February at the latest. To add a dormitory to your existing booking, select your epic.FOURTEEN booking and go to 'add services'.

We also have limited indoor floor space for sleeping available, but it is on a first-come-first-served basis, note that adding it to your booking doesn't guarantee space on the day, it's just to give us an idea for numbers.



epic.FOURTEEN Cancellation Deadline

As of 4.00pm, we're now at the 4 week point prior to epic.FOURTEEN, which means that the cancellation deadline has now gone. As explained in our cancellation policy, within 28 days of the event, we're unable to process any more cancellations unless the event entirely sells out and we are then able to resell your ticket. This deadline is because at this point we have to pay all of the bills out to our suppliers such as the venue based on our expected numbers.

Besides, why would you want to cancel anyway, it's going to be epic! CU @ epic14!


Razer Supports epic.FOURTEEN Fun Tournaments

RazerWhile eSports is growing massively worldwide, our casual community remains extremely important to us here at epic.LAN too and we work really hard to try to keep a good balance for both communities so that no matter how seriously you take your gaming, you all enjoy the event.

So with that in mind, we're pleased to announce that Razer will be exclusively supporting ALL of our epic.FOURTEEN fun tournaments! Our winners will take away Blackwidow keyboards and runners up receiving Goliathus soft mouse mats.

We'll be announcing our fun tournament and casual gaming lineup very shortly, so watch this space to find out more. Don't forget, tickets are going really fast now with less than 100 remaining, so make sure you grab yours before they all go!

New Board Games Area

Board GamesOver the past few years, the popularity of board games at epic.LAN has been increasing every event.

After discussions with the venue and some changes to room layouts, we're pleased to announce that we'll be creating a board games area in the Lakeside Foyer at epic.FOURTEEN.

While the Gallery is designed to be a great social space, sometimes board games need extra concentration and as we screen more of our internal coverage and add entertainment to the Gallery, this new area will give board games fans some extra peace and quiet.

Planning to bring your favourite board games to the event? Chat with your fellow players over on our forums to make the most of our new area.

CS:GO Returns for epic.FOURTEEN

CSGOIt was touch and go for a while, after the lower than expected numbers at the last event, we've been thinking very carefully about CS:GO for epic.FOURTEEN.

Over the past few weeks though, we've been bombarded with requests for CS:GO to be included in the tournament lineup, so we're happy to oblige!

So to all those who've been asking us to keep it in the lineup recently, make sure you now show your support and grab your ticket for the event and show us that the community really wants the game to continue at epic.LAN!

League of Legends at epic14

League of LegendsAfter a lot of consideration, we can confirm that League of Legends will be included in the epic.FOURTEEN lineup. The numbers for League of Legends have been up and down over recent events. It was our biggest tournament last February, but then with a low turnout in July for various timing reasons.

So we've decided to give it another chance and hope to see the UK LoL community build on previous events and hopefully smash the numbers from last February. We'll be launching with an initial prize pot up to £3000 (subject to team signups) with the opportunity for that to increase depending on partner involvement over the coming months.

epic.FOURTEEN takes place from 19th - 22nd February 2015 at Kettering Conference Centre, Northamptonshire. Tickets are available for just £65 with over 25% of tickets already gone.

epic.FOURTEEN Starcraft 2 Returns

SC2We thought epic.THIRTEEN was going to be the last we saw of the SC2 community for a while, but there was such great support and we've had so many people asking us to keep SC2 on the lineup, we're pleased to confirm that Starcraft 2 will be back for epic.FOURTEEN in February 2015 as one of our official eSports tournaments.

epic.FOURTEEN takes place from 19-22nd February 2015 at the Kettering Conference Centre. Tickets are just £55 until the end of September.

We look forward to welcoming the SC2 community back to our next event!


epic.FOURTEEN Hearthstone Tournament

HearthstoneWith the huge and growing popularity of the Blizzard digital card-game, Hearthstone, we've decided to announce it as the first of our main epic.FOURTEEN eSports tournaments.

It's likely that we'll run the matches later on in the evenings once more, so people can still take part in other tournaments during the event.

We'll be confirming more of our tournaments over the coming weeks, at this stage we're still looking for sponsorship for epic.FOURTEEN, so we'll be confirming the eSports titles with our base prize pool, and then we'll announce any increases should any partners come on board at a later date.

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