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epic.SIX - Timetable

epic6 timetableThe epic.SIX timetable is now available!

Throughout the weekend, we have loads taking place from big games, to fun tournaments, with live DJ sets, random flash challenges with KustomPCs, the chance to hunt down a Bigfoot Gaming NIC somewhere in the venue and some retro console action on Goldeneye 64.

All you have to do, is make sure you have an epic.SIX ticket to take part!

Hope to see you there!

epic.SIX Big Games & Fun Tournaments

Fun TimetableWith epic.SIX closing in fast (under two months now!) it's time to turn our attention to our casual gaming timetable for the weekend.

epic.LAN regulars will know, we go to a lot of effort to run loads of activities during the weekend on PCs, consoles and even away from the computers like our pub quiz.

So, as usual, we want to hear from you about big games you'd like to see in our timetable as well as any fun tournaments you would like us to organise.

However, smaller games, particularly RTS style and social games such as Werewolves don't appear in our timetable, as they tend to just happen through the weekend and we don't want to schedule every minute of your LAN! So we build in plenty of time for you to do your own thing too!


epic.FOUR Timetable Announced

epic4 TimetableThe first draft of the epic.FOUR timetable is now available.

Our event timetable lists key event activities such as catering times as well as our more organised big games and tournaments. The timetable will also be available on our intranet and big screen systems throughout the LAN and will be updated with any changes during the event.

Although we do timetable some games, it doesn't mean that you can't play games not listed in the timetable, in fact there is loads of spare time in between the big games for you to organise your own smaller games and social activities. 

There are just under two weeks left now before epic.FOUR, so if you haven't yet grabbed a seat, make sure you book now to avoid missing out on our great scorching summer LAN!

epic.THREE Timetable

TimetableThe first draft of our epic.THREE timetable has been released giving you an idea of some of the organised activities we'll be running over the weekend.

You'll also see on there our three fun-tournaments which we can now confirm will be:

  • 5v5 Team Fortress 2
  • 1on1 CSS Rifle Trifle Cup
  • Trackmania

The timetable just shows our big games and mini tournaments (hence mainly showing FPS games), but of course you're free to play whatever you want whenever you want throughout the weekend. Just shout up if you want a game of anything, and people will join in! We'll be randomly putting on some mini-games for other genres too.

So start having a think about your teams ready for the TF2! Both the CSS and Trackmania will just be individual fun events.

As you can see, there's loads going on at epic.THREE, book now if you don't want to miss out on the fun!

epic.THREE Big Game List

Big GamesBecause we're nice and helpful, here is our list of games that will be appearing in our Big Game Timetable during epic.THREE to give you plenty of time to get them installed before the event, rather than installing and patching when they're announced on the PA system and only joining the server just as people are finishing!

Now don't forget, the list isn't exhaustive, so just because a game doesn't appear in the list, doesn't mean it wont be played at all and the list only covers what we class as Big Games where we aim to fill a server with as many people as possible, so things like RTS style don't appear here, but they'll still get played!

Full timetable for the event is coming soon, watch this space!

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epic.THREE - Communications Improvements

Following on from epic.TWO, we made the commitment to improve the scheduling and communications at the events. After a number of staff discussions, and some inspiration from other events, we've decided to look at the big screen as a better communications method, as well as clearing up the sound from the speaker system.

Our current big screen used simple PowerPoint to display messages. While it did the job for static announcements, it made it difficult to include any dynamic content and was also a bit clunky to update.

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