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epic.TWELVE Big Game Timetable

epic12 GamesWith epic.TWELVE fast approaching, it's time for us to look at the big games and fun tournaments to keep you all busy through the event.

As always, we're keen to hear your suggestions, but remember for big games, we're looking at anything really over 16 players (you can sort smaller RTS/Co-Op type games amongst yourselves), and preferably reasonably cheap for people to pick up for the event.

Let us know your thoughts over on the forums!

epic.ELEVEN Big Games & Fun Tournaments

epic.ELEVEN TimetableWith epic.ELEVEN fast-approaching (a mere 9 weeks away), it's time to start putting together our timetable of big games and fun tournaments.

As usual, we will be compiling a programme of activities away from the prize-winning tournaments for people to take part in, you don't have to play in them, but it gives people a chance to enjoy some big games with as many of the other participants as possible, so go ahead and give your suggestions on our forums.

For our fun tournaments, we're probably going to run something on Minecraft again, as well as an FPS, Console and Racing game. And don't forget the epic.HUNT also returns this time for those looking for a more cryptic challenge.

Note that we don't schedule in smaller games, there's plenty of time for you to organise your own, so we're looking at about 16 players upwards for the big games,  we also don't schedule in the non-computer gaming stuff like board games, Werewolves etc. but there are tools like the TweetWall, forums, internal IRC all available to help you organise your own activities too.


epic.TEN Fun Tournament and Quiz Round Up

pubquiz winnersSo another event has passed us by but its been none stop with fun tournaments for our social gamers. epic.TEN saw fun tournaments in Just Dance on the consoles, F1 2011, UT2K4 and minecraft create. Plenty of people got involved with these to provide some great entertainment over the weekend.

We also had the pub quiz which had a record number of participants this event. We saw some regular teams returning to defend their quiz titles and go all out for winning and some new teams who fancied their chances. In the top few teams it was quite a closely contended quiz with just three teams in the end who were seperated by only one or two points. The winners this event were Streamgasm closely follwed by Can'tfitmyn and Rebel Scum. Full Pub Quiz scores and results will be posted shortly after the event.


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epic.TEN - Timetable

epic.TEN TimetableHere's what you've all been waiting for, it's the epic.TEN timetable!

As well as things like opening times (bar and catering following shortly), the timetable also shows a range of big games and fun tournaments taking place throughout the event. As always, we've taken on board your feedback and added in some different games as well as keeping in the old favourites.

You'll notice that smaller games like RTS titles and the non-computer stuff like boardgames, werewolves etc. don't feature on the timetable. That's because we only schedule in the things that we're responsible for running and then that leaves you with plenty of time to do your own thing during the event. Of course you don't have to play everything in the timetable, it's just a guide to when we'll be putting up some big games for as many people as possible to enjoy.

So here is the epic.TEN timetable!

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epic.TEN - Big Games & Fun Tournaments

epic.TEN TimetableIt's that time where we start looking at all the games to put in our big games timetable and to select 2-3 to run as fun tournaments throughout the weekend. We aim to put on 4-5 big games per day and announce that timetable in advance so people can make sure they have the games installed and updated ready to play.

So we're looking for your ideas for games that support at least 16+ players, preferably with LAN modes rather than online play where everyone can just pile in the server for a few hours of fun fragging.

With smaller RTS type games, these still get played, but we don't timetable them in as they are for smaller numbers of players and there's plenty of time in between the other big games (that's why we only put on 4-5 games per day to give you plenty of time to do your own thing too). Similarly, the non-PC games such as cards, werewolves, board games, we don't put those on the timetable as they're all things organised by the participants rather than us.

AVerMedia Fun Tournaments

AvermediaAs the epic.NINE fun tournaments are being announced, we've had some great news from AVerMedia who will be sending along 2 of their Live Gamer HD capture cards for two of our fun tournament winners, letting you record awesome quality footage of your frags.

About the Live Gamer HD:

With the Live Gamer HD, PC gamers now can preserve their splendid in-game footages directly on the gaming machine without draining the system resources. Even better, it comes with a dedicated record button, the Hot Button, to deliver fast respond speed and prevent you from missing any exciting moment.

 Make sure you're at epic.NINE to be in with a chance of winning!

Fun Tournament Winners

fun tournament winnersDuring the weekend of epic.SEVEN we had our usual big games and fun tournaments going on. We are pleased to announce the winners and runners up of these fun tournaments who were awarded with achievements and some PC peripherals. The winners were...........

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epic.SEVEN timetable

Our epic.SEVEN schedule is now complete and available to view on our timetable page. We have loads going on to keep you busy for the event, from big games to fun tournaments, live DJ sets, social activities and more...

Still haven't secured your seat for epic.SEVEN? What are you waiting for? Head over to the signup page now!

See you there!

epic.SIX - Timetable

epic6 timetableThe epic.SIX timetable is now available!

Throughout the weekend, we have loads taking place from big games, to fun tournaments, with live DJ sets, random flash challenges with KustomPCs, the chance to hunt down a Bigfoot Gaming NIC somewhere in the venue and some retro console action on Goldeneye 64.

All you have to do, is make sure you have an epic.SIX ticket to take part!

Hope to see you there!

epic.SIX Fun Tournament - Blur

BlurThe first of our fun tournaments has been announced and it's going to be Blur!

If you haven't played Blur before, basically imagine a cross between something like Project Gotham Racing and Mario Kart, and you come out with this crazy, but oh so shiny, result.

Race your way through a thrilling series of maps with your VW Scirocco taking on an M3 while a Ford Focus drops a series of land mines in front of you.

Exact tournament format to be confirmed shortly, but in the mean time Blur is available on Steam for just £19.99 and it's worth every penny!

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