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CS:GO Coverage Day 2

The schedule for todays CS:GO Coverage from epic.ELEVEN is a s follows (times subject to change)

Game 1 (10:00) - Team CRG v Team Dignitas

Game 2 (13:00) - TBA - Dependant on other results

Game 3 (16:00) - TBA - Dependant on other results
Game 4 (19:00) - TBA - Dependant on other results

Game 5 (21:00) - TBA - Dependant on other results

Tune in to our twitch channel to view the coverage, just click on the CS:GO tab.

Starcraft 2 Coverage - Day 2

The schedule for todays Starcraft 2 Coverage from epic.ELEVEN is a s follows (times subject to change)

•    10:00 - Day Two Starts
•    11:00 - Upper Round of 16
•    12:00 - Upper Round of 8
•    13:00 - Upper Round of 4 / Lower Round of 8
•    14:00 - Break
•    15:00 - Lower Round of 4
•    16:00 - Upper Final
•    17:30 - Lower Final
•    19:00 - Consolation Final
•    20:30 - End of Day Two

Tune in to our twitch channel to view the coverage, just click on the SC 2 tab.

Dota 2 Coverage Day 2

The schedule for todays Dota 2 Coverage from epic.ELEVEN is a s follows (times subject to change)

11am Don't Axe Me vs. Next Gen
1:30pm Winner's Bracket Final
4pm Loser's Bracket Final

Tune in to our twitch channel to view the coverage, just click on the Dota 2 tab.

Counter Strike Source Groups

The group stage for the epic.EIGHT Counter Strike Source tournament are now live

Source TV will be available for all the matches, just click on the details button and it will display all the details. (This will appear just before the start time as servers may change).

Be a part of something epic!

epic Team 2012After another great year with epic, we have loads of plans for 2012, especially with the epic.EIGHT bookings going well so far! That means, once again we're looking for some help from people who are willing to volunteer a bit of their time as part of our many activities.

Unfortunately everything with epic is on a voluntary basis (including the management team), but the work, while tiring, is rewarding and gives people the opportunity to put something back into the community.So we're looking for people who can help in a number of areas.


Read More

epic.FIVE Tournament Finals

And so it's come to this. After some great matches and a few surprises in the elimination stages of both tournaments, we now reach the finals.

The £1,000 Team Fortress 2 final featuring Infused.Tt eSports and Monster Munch is taking place now. You can follow the live stream over at TF2TV.

The £1,000 Counter-Strike: Source final is scheduled for 12:30 GMT and features the two top seeded teams, Bindips Band of Merry Men and Rasta.Xd battling it out for the prize pot and the glory of winning.

You can follow the match on Source TV, details will be published on the match page when it's available, there will also be live coverage from our coverage partners:

Stay tuned for more tournament details from epic.LAN, including the winner of our UT2004 Knockout Tournament.

epic.FIVE £1,000 Team Fortress 2 Tournament

epic.FIVE TF2We are very pleased to announce the details of our first prize winning tournament at epic.LAN with our £1,000 Team Fortress 2 event taking place at the epic.FIVE LAN party in February 2011 at Uttoxeter Racecourse.

After taking a couple of years off from running competitive tournaments, we've decided now is the right time for epic.LAN to reintroduce some high-quality tournaments to our events and with TF2 already very popular both at our LANs and with our online games nights, it seemed to be the ideal choice of game.

We're also very excited to announce that the well known team of Tapley & Mole will be taking the admin role for the tournament.

For more details about the tournament, including prize details and FAQ, visit our TF2 Tournament pages.

epic.FOUR Unreal Tournament 2004 Winners

The final of our last-man-standing Unreal Tournament 2004 competition has just taken place here at epic.FOUR. Four valiant competitors took part, but in the end, there could be only one winner.

Draken, Jobabob, Vardy and Fuzz fought it out to the bitter end on Idoma in a five minute battle. The winner, taking glory, honour, some epic.LAN goodies and a £20 Kustom PCs voucher is...


A decisive win by 19 frags over second place Fuzz has shown that he truly is the champion.

The full standings are:

1 Vardy 34
2 Fuzz 15
3 Jobabob 11
4 Draken 11

Well done to everyone who took part!

epic.FOUR Timetable Announced

epic4 TimetableThe first draft of the epic.FOUR timetable is now available.

Our event timetable lists key event activities such as catering times as well as our more organised big games and tournaments. The timetable will also be available on our intranet and big screen systems throughout the LAN and will be updated with any changes during the event.

Although we do timetable some games, it doesn't mean that you can't play games not listed in the timetable, in fact there is loads of spare time in between the big games for you to organise your own smaller games and social activities. 

There are just under two weeks left now before epic.FOUR, so if you haven't yet grabbed a seat, make sure you book now to avoid missing out on our great scorching summer LAN!

epic.THREE Tournament Winners

epic3 winnersOver the epic.THREE weekend, we ran a number of fun tournament events for anybody to take part in.

Prizes were provided by our friends at Crucial, Kustom and Dust Off.

The tournament winners were:


Winner - Fatal
Runner Up - Dae


Winner - Orvil
Runner Up - Cyberdrac

DJ Hero

Winner - Ghozer

Pub Quiz

Winners - Murray, why did you leave us?!
Runners Up - 2 guys, 2 girls, 1 cat

CSS One on One Rifle Trifle Cup

Winner - Bez
Runner Up - Fuz

Team Fortress 2

Winners - One Gunsmith, One Deer
Runners Up - Box


Winners - Astrolox, Superchief, qbnut

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